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Pick up the deadfall in your yard and burn it. Clean out your fireplace, fire pit, oven. Now you’re ready to set intentions. Foundations. What foundations (soil) can you put in place to nourish and give ground to your seeds, dreams, intentions? Bless. Your seeds of intentions and goals as well as your actual planting deserve to be blessed with love and awareness to aid in their fruition. Hold your literal and metaphorical seeds in your hands, close to your heart, and infuse them with love. Sow. As you sow seeds or plant starts, “plant” your intentions for your life. You can literally do this as you put them into soil, or continue tending your meditation garden. Do one small thing each day to nur - ture your seeds — intentions and actual. Bear in mind that initially, dreams — like tender, green shoots — also need protection. Systems. Every intention needs a system of actions that contribute to overall success just as gardens need regular watering, sunlight, and fertilizer. What systems can you create? What tools would be helpful? It has become clear to me in the last few years that what we do, day in and day out over time, reveals what is important to us. Our daily toil and rituals, while mundane, signal to the universe what we val- ue in life. Therefore, our moment-by-moment decisions and actions become acts of devotion. If we are clear about our values, goals and living in an aligned manner, then we must consider everything we do. What we consume, assimilate, who we engage, where we place our re- sources — all are crucial invitations to awareness. Nature and univer- sal energies understand what we “broadcast” in our daily devotional acts, and conspire to meet us there, making the way forward blessed and easeful. May your life and gardens flourish in the very best ways possible. Lisa Adams is a Spiritual Teacher, Wise Woman, Ritual Artist, and Transformation Mentor. She excels at guiding people through transitional periods of life with compassion and wisdom. You can find her sitting by a bonfire, gazing up at the stars with loved ones, or drumming to her ances - tors.

A fruitful practice at the change of season is to get quiet for a time, go inward, and assess all areas of life. Consider what changes to make and actions to take, as well as what to weed out. If your life is a met- aphorical garden, with each section representing a different area of your life, then how do you best tend your garden? I’d like to suggest several things here, in an order that follows nat - ural cycles, to an extent: Make Offerings. Offerings of gratitude are always on point. Go out into nature and communicate your thanks. This can be done through composting, singing a song, leaving herbs or other natural (earth friendly) offerings. Meditation and Visualization. Breathe and meditate, visualiz - ing your life as a garden. Check for weeds and blight. What is growing well? What thrives? What could use some pruning? What needs nur- turing and/or protection? Tend your garden accordingly. Honor Spring Equinox. Observe which areas of life would ben- efit from balance. After so much rest and hibernation, it’s time for movement and growth. As much as we value light, can we love night- time as well? How often do you look up at the moon and stars, or listen to the birds? Divination. Consult the Sun, Moon, and stars. What are the trees doing? Which animals are present and what do their activities look like? Which birds are in your area and what are their behaviors sug- gesting? You can divine by looking at the clouds, reflections in water, patterns in sand, dirt, deadfall. You can also consult astrology, Tarot, runes, etc., asking for guidance and clarity. Note that these systems naturally include the elements and cycles. Spring Clean. Clean the spaces you occupy. Get rid of things you no longer use by donating, composting, giving away, etc. Open the windows and doors on a mild day, allowing the fresh air to clear out old, stagnant energy. Smoke clear or spritz natural essential oil sprays throughout your space. Organize the things you use and value most.

Inhale. Exhale.

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