types & levels. Fee: $20, Grace Annual Member Discounted Fee: $16. To register: www.graceyps. com/workshops-and-retreats. Align With Grace Yoga, Claudia Neuman, claudia@alignwith-; www.alignwithgrace. com. Project Knitwell 2023 Knitathon - Knit for Good! 10am - 7pm. Come together to support our nonprofit efforts with a fun day of Zoom presen- tations focused on knitting for wellness, comfort, and commu- nity. We hope this day will help experienced and new knitters learn more about the therapeutic benefits of knitting! This raises funds based on the number of minutes you plan to knit during this day-long event. Project Knit- well, — 19 — Brave Hearted Herbalism: Focus on Cancer , 2pm-4pm online. Learn ways to support our journey with cancer, en-

dium, Spiritualist Teacher and Author. Register: www.medium- - diumship. Konstanza Morning Star, silverspringoflight@gmail. com; 240-543-9414. www.medi - — 15 — Energy Attunement Work- shop: Creating Bless- ing Bowls. www.meetup. com/thelotusandthelight/ events/291432802/ — 18 — Enlightened Rest 108: Para® Yoga Nidra with Claudia Neuman , 4pm - 5:48pm. Find serenity through the practice of Para® Yoga Ni- dra. Based on the ancient teach- ings of the Mandukya Upani - shad: we explore the yogic states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep and beyond. Yoga Nidra is the practice of remaining conscious in a state of deep sleep. This practice is suitable for all body

Stay educated, enlightened, and engaged all season long with these offerings from the Pathways Community. To see these events and more, visit our interactive ONLINE CALENDAR up- dated regularly throughout the quarter. Be sure to tell them you saw them in Pathways! Have an event to promote? Calendar listings are just $5 per list- ing, and accepted any time to run online. Submit listings online at:

Access Bars One Day Cer- tification Class . events/291432172/ Spiritual Message Circle with Uma . www.meetup. com/thelotusandthelight/ events/291432407/ 3/11-12 Evidential Medium- ship Workshop via Zoom , 9:30am - 12:30pm, both days. Learn how to improve your ability to communicate with spirit people and bring through a broader range of high-quality evidential information in this 2-day workshop led by Konstan - za Morning Star, Certified Me -


— 9 — Mediumship Teleconferenc- ing Circle, 6-weeks via Zoom , Thursdays, 7:30pm - 9:15pm. This is your opportunity to practice spirit communication in a group from the comfort of your home under the guidance of Certified Medium and author Konstanza Morning Star. Regis - ter at: www.mediumshamandc. com/teleclass-circle. Konstanza Morning Star, silverspringofli -; 240-543-9414.

— 11 —

Friday-Monday, May 26-29, 2023 Memorial Day Weekend at Four Quarters SWEAT LODGE TEACHINGS WEEKEND

F or those who wish a deeper exposure to the practice and traditions of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we are offering an extended weekend immersed in Sweat Lodge.

Please contact the Office if interested in participating. Call us: 814-784-3080, Email us: Pre-registration is required Members and guests pre-register by May 20th, 2023. $20 a day for needed supplies and our shared meals. Friday arrival is preferred. Children under 16 are Loved, Cherished and Free! Registration includes your Tent Camping and our shared daily meals. There is no charge for Ceremony or teachings. Fees purely contribute to our material costs. For more information, please visit –

This weekend is an intimate opportunity to learn and work with the Sweat Lodge as practiced at Four Quarters , allowing participants to gather a deeper appreciation and understanding of these sacred ways. We will be cutting wood and carrying water, hauling stones, taking our meals together, and exploring aspects of Sweat Lodge Ceremony and indigenous spirituality. We’ll explore how we honor the teachings shared with us, and serve the Interfaith Community of Four Quarters within these ancient traditions. Ceremonies will begin Friday evening with a welcome supper. The weekend will be filled with conversations, teachings, songs, practical workshops, Sweat Lodge ceremony, and shared meals, concluding on Monday with a Closing ceremony. Come with sleeves rolled up and an open mind! All are welcome to come and pray!

Four Quarters lnterFaith Sanctuary E arth S pirit and E arth L iving in an a gE of L imitS 190 Walker Lane, Artemas PA 17211 ~ office @4 qf . org ~ 814.784.3080 ~ V isit us at www .4 qf . org Visit our website to see our full event listing and to request our FREE 68-page Desk Calendar!

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