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understand situations before you try something new…if you’re even willing to try something new. This Taurus energy butts heads with the Jupiter energy that wants to take risks and try new adventures. When Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus there will be greater concern over the economy and inflation. Historically, problems in the banking industry come to light because regulations didn’t protect the consum - er. “New” financial institutions, such as those involved in cryptocur - rency, start faltering because they pushed their boundaries but didn’t apply the rules to protect from this lack of boundaries. You’ll even see more environmental backlash at crypto mining farms that pollute the air with noise. As a member of the workforce, you’ll continue to strive for balance between your personal and professional life. As more companies start demanding their employees return to onsite work, you’ll also see more people rebelling, pushing back however possible. This will provide a basis for increased union membership, even in occupations that nor- mally shun unions. Agriculture will see changes, in some instances necessitated by water shortages throughout various parts of the world. In other cases these changes will occur as more people want local food at lower costs. Basically, you’ll see increased use of rooftops for herb and vegetable gardens or the development of vertical farms in urban areas. As you seek a deeper understanding of what Jupiter in Taurus may mean to you personally, here are some thoughts to meditate on de- pending on your Sun sign: • Aries: It’s time to learn how to handle your finances and get your budget under control. • Taurus: This is your year. You realize how wonderful you are and how much others appreciate you. • Gemini: Spiritually you feel a lot of endings this year. This means you’re ready to make changes in your life but you still need to think about the direction of those changes. • Cancer: Friends are so important. You missed seeing them and spending time with them. Now you’re ready to come out of your shell and connect with people you haven’t seen in a while. • Leo: This is your year for career changes. It could be advance- ments; it could be retirement. You’re finding your rightful place in the world. • Virgo: The spiritual journey begins. As you move through life this year, you do your best to bring spirit into all your actions. • Libra: Looking at your investments is important this year — fi - nancial investments and personal investments, including knowing where you want to invest your time so you get the most out of life. • Scorpio: Time to determine where you want to make commit- ments in your life. It could mean marriage, or business partner- ships. You realize life is better when you take action with someone else being part of your life. • Sagittarius: You take a look at your daily routine to determine whether it’s the best use of your time. You also pay increased atten - tion to taking care of your health. • Capricorn: Creations are so important for you this year. Cre- ations can be of the body, like children; or they can be of the mind, like artwork or writing. • Aquarius: You want to make changes in your home. Even if you plan on traveling, you want a secure place that is your safe harbor. • Pisces: Learning new things is important. You may even find yourself getting caught up in the trivia of facts, but that’s alright. You find it fun to increase your knowledge. As your mind races to understand the changes to come, it’s important to take time to reflect on how these changes impact you. And, if you can prepare for the paradigm shifts, you’ll realize you can relax a lot more and not get caught up in the stress of change. © 2023 Misty Kuceris | Misty Kuceris is a Certified Astrological Professional, a Reiki Master, and Co-founder of the NOVA Astrology Group. She has contributed to Pathways for over 30 years. See her website for monthly astrological reflections: Contact her at:

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