Pre-Bloom: A Spring Reawakening

BY LINDSEY HALDEMAN AND LINDSEY VAN WAGNER Just as animals begin to poke out from their dwellings and the flowers gently unfold their soft petals, we humans experience a wake - up from our own hibernation — a physical reemergence, a mental re- surgence, and a spiritual revival. Spring represents abundance in na- ture. Food becomes more available as the crops sprout from the earth. The days become longer, igniting and expanding our energy reserves. There is a special part of this transition we like to call the “pre- bloom”. This is the reversal of all the adaptations that were made to survive the cold season. For example, during winter animals often change their physical bodies to stay warm, growing more fur, lowering their heart rate, and changing their breathing for hibernation. They have an internal clock that tells them roughly how many days to stay in this metabolic depression. And then, with a pre-bloom spark they slowly begin emerging and adjusting to normal levels for the summer. This blooming process is innate to us humans as well. However, over time, we have lost touch with the prompts and instincts provided by nature and our inner guidance. Let’s use the following practices to revitalize the senses and realign with natural rhythms of the season. Sound: Self-talk Thoughts echoing in our minds have a big effect on how we show up in the world. Use these affirmations to tap into your highest vibra - tion during this period of reawakening. Repeat out loud, or silently to yourself, whenever you need a boost. ● I am deserving of all the happiness that comes to me. ● I trust that my intuition is guiding me in the right direction. ● I am finding new ways to connect with my unique inner spark.

● I am allowed to take time and space to rest my body and mind.

Sight: BloomPrint

The value of having a clear vision cannot be over- stated. Just as a blueprint is crafted for the building of a house to provide a concept for our imaginary plans, we can craft a “bloomprint” for our springtime unfolding. Planting intentional images in the psyche helps us to declare our dreams to the Universe, signaling the law of attraction to meet our deepest desires. ● Take a moment to close your eyes and bring to mind the sensation of the pre-bloom, the verge of reawakening. What dreams are awaiting you during your reemergence? ● Gather your choice of creative materials and create a collage of images that represent your inner spring dream. ● Use anything that inspires you — favorite quotes, photos, postcards, magazine excerpts, comic strips, stickers, etc. ● Hang your work of art somewhere you will see it often.

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