Lucy in the Sky, by Jesi V. Lundy ON THE COVER

Efflorescence (left) - To bloom or blossom; to show rapid growth or development. Eudaimonia (right) - A Greek word translating to the state or condition of ‘good spirit’ commonly translated as ‘happiness’ or ‘welfare’. In Greek phi - losophy, Eudaimonia means accomplishing the best conditions possible, in every sense. Not only happiness but also virtue, morality & a meaningful life.

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Jesi V. Lundy fell in love with creating artwork at a young age in the beautiful valley of Roanoke, Virginia. Following years of intu- itive practice, meditation & engaging daily in the creative process she began creating works of art with a unique style, and realizing the beneficial impact of the work she was creating. These images brought to life through paint and canvas were bringing joy to others visually & encouraged a deep sense of connection to what had inspired her to create them. Her process has evolved throughout the years, & today she invites you to view these messages from a new visual perspective, to con- template their meaning through the lens of the many combinations of geometric patterns, vibrant colors & intricate details that connect them. Her paintings represent a variety of concepts inspired by the goal to share these ideas with an open heart & a visually captivating connection. The sole purpose of these works is to instill constructive, This painting is the artist’s visual interpretation of the imagery described in the lyrics of the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles, combined with inspiration from the feeling of peace and serenity experienced when immersed in the beauty and simplici- ty of nature. Tangerine trees scatter the mountainside as dusk begins to fall. A colorfully kaleidoscopic display of light is scattered across marmalade skies. Cellophane flowers adorn a rich and colorful ab - stract landscape that surrounds Lucy, centered, tranquil & deeply connected to Mother Earth. Website: Etsy: uplifting intentions & ideas into the lives of others. About Lucy in the Sky , acrylic on canvas:

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