American Consequences - November 2020


W hat a month! Just when we think 2020 can’t get any weeks since Election Day. Well, get ready to dig in... We’ve got plenty of thought-provoking election analysis packed into this issue. In “Beautiful Losers,” Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke examines why America often elects “nobodies” as presidents... In usual P.J. fashion, he explains why he’s not a fan of Trump or Biden... Later, P.J. shares some thoughts and photos from a recent hunting trip that was supposed to take his mind off politics, but there were too many similarities between the birds in the woods and the turkeys in Washington. crazier... volatile election drama has gripped the nation in the Economist Dani Rodrik addresses the question on many folks’ minds – how did Trump manage to win an even larger number of votes than he did four years ago? With the election (pretty much) over, Executive Editor Trish Regan writes that Democrats have another problem now – themselves. And Sebastian Gorka dives into how this turbulent election fueled big changes... We now have all the ingredients for a highly flammable country.

Buck Sexton wants to know where’s all the promised national healing that was supposed to come with a Biden win? Globe-trotting writer Kim Iskyan talks what’s next for American foreign policy post-election, and the best ways to protect your money. Many of the election surprises had nothing to do with Biden or Trump... Journalist Jason Mattera breaks it down for us in “Magic Mushrooms, Statehouse Flip-Flops, and Other Election Stunners.” It’s not all doom and gloom, however... We’ve got famed economist Dr. Art Laffer , who offers an optimistic view of the current world (we could all use that right now). American Consequences newcomer Elisha Krauss tackles the increasing corporate culture wars – are companies really just self- sabotaging in the name of social justice? Alice Lloyd brings us a poignant view of how Thanksgiving will be so different this year and offers some suggestions on how to feel connected in this time apart. Finally, Dan Ferris urges you to speak the truth and let your voice be heard in his must- read story about refreshing the tree of liberty. Regards, Laura Greaver Managing Editor, American Consequences


November 2020

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