American Consequences - November 2020

It is all the more important that we have a sense of confidence in the integrity of our presidential election given what we see elsewhere. Just a reminder: the GOP seems to have held on to the Senate, even with the potential run-offs, and Nancy Pelosi’s majority in the lower house has been hemorrhaging since the closing of the poll stations. Plus, not one statehouse across America fell to the Democrats. Yet we are expected to believe that the Republican president lost somehow? Strange, to say the least... Lastly, conservatives should all applaud the president and his team’s efforts to ensure that all fraudulent votes are identified and canceled, for a Biden-Harris administration would subvert so much we believe in. Take a look at the liberals’ wish list: In addition to threatening to pack the Supreme Court... abolish the Electoral College... lower the voting age... turn D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico into new (Democratic) states... and do away with the filibuster – all actions that will be stymied if Mitch McConnell maintains control of the Senate – Kamala Harris has promised to use executive orders to target the Second Amendment... Biden has promised to stop building the Southern border wall... to reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program... re-enter America in the Paris Climate Accords (which penalizes us while allowing China, India, and others to pollute)... and reinstate the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal (the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), which gave Tehran access to billions of dollars it

can use to finance its destabilizing operations across the Middle East. Oh, and there is even talk of moving our Israeli embassy out of Jerusalem and back to Tel Aviv. None of the above would be good for America or her friends. And then there’s what happens to the domestic political scene. Think of just one deadly formula: What do you think happens if it turns out there was systematic voter fraud, but President Trump doesn’t get legal relief because the clock ran out on his petitions or judges simply weren’t brave enough to do the right thing? How will the 71 million Americans who voted for him – many of them highly committed and energized first-time voters – react if they feel they have been cheated, too? Add to that leading Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez openly calling for an “archive” with the names of Trump supporters who have to be punished, and we have all the ingredients for a highly flammable America. Sebastian Gorka, PhD was strategist to the president of the United States, is host of America First on the Salem Radio network, and is a presidential appointee to the Department of Defense’s National Security Education Board. His latest book is TheWar for America’s Soul . Follow him at @SebGorka. Photo: AP.

American Consequences


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