American Consequences - November 2020


documentary Deliver Us from Evil about the Catholic priest sex scandal, tweeted an image of the “Hollywood Chrises” and said “one had to go.” (For those non-female or non-millennial readers, the Hollywood Chrises are Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation and Marvel movies, Chris Hemsworth of Thor, Chris Pine of Wonder Woman and Star Trek , and Captain America himself, Chris Evans.)

missed the one-sided attack on Pratt because they were busy working, helping their kids struggling with distance learning, and watching his movies on Disney+.) The box office speaks for itself... The Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers franchises that Pratt was a part of have grossed billions worldwide. Yes, billions. Major corporations continue to feel as if they must take a stand due to internal pressure and activists looking for something to be mad about. Yet, it would appear that when Keurig upsets Fox News viewers for pulling ads, or Chobani upsets environmentalists with how it operates its factories or Nike makes a statement on systemic racism in the country, there is a brief uproar... But the end result is the average American will still watch, listen, visit, or buy whatever they want... whenever they want. Elisha Krauss is a conservative wife and homeschooled girl-mom in Los Angeles. She is a co-host on Ricochet's Lady Brains, on-air talent at DailyWire, host of the Washington Examiner Newsmaker Series, and strives to encourage the next generation through Young Americas Foundation events. You can learn more about Elisha at her website, hear her opinions on her YouTube channel, or follow her on on Twitter and Instagram @ElishaKrauss.

But the support for Pratt was from all sides. His Avengers costars, including radical Leftist Mark Ruffalo – not so known for his kindness towards those on the Right – and global warming activist Robert Downey Jr. came to his defense. And his true fans spoke out, too, admitting they flock to movies starring Pratt to escape politics and some admitting their churches also stand for Biblical principles. (Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this whole Chris debacle... One has to also wonder if many in Middle America likely


November 2020

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