American Consequences - November 2020

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COVID-19 Weekly Case Fatality Rate

Fatality rates per week (4/1/2020 to 10/31/2020)

1.47 %

Source: Johns Hopkins University







The economy, in conjunction with the medical community, performed as well as any economist could have hoped. To represent what has already happened and as a harbinger of things to come, we present two graphs that illustrate the chain of events in the U.S. economy... We have recouped over half of the jobs lost at the onset of the pandemic . For a quick summary of all the advances we’ve had in medicine to combat the coronavirus, I’ve plotted the weekly case fatality rate for the U.S. to give a quick glimpse of how well the U.S. medical community has responded... Case fatality rates are descending rapidly. Medical advances such as vaccines are near at hand, and treatment remedies for those afflicted have improved immensely. We can’t, at present, anticipate a pandemic, but once there is one, we know how to respond.

Arthur B. Laffer, PhD is known as “The Father of Supply-Side Economics.” Dr. Laffer was a member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board for both of his two terms (1981- 1989). In 2019, Dr. Laffer was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump. Dr. Laffer currently sits on the board of directors or advisors of a number of private and public companies and has authored numerous books. Lastly, to go full circle: The bald eagle is back, black-footed ferrets are making a rebound, and the blue whale is once again roaming the seas in large numbers. The best is yet to come for America ... We have recouped more than half of the jobs lost at the onset of the pandemic.

American Consequences


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