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NEED A BOOST? Stuart Turner manufacture high quality water pressure and flow boosting solutions for every application.

Solving Poor Water Performance from the whole house to a single shower or tap

Properties within the UK typically feature either a traditional ‘open-vented’ hot water system or a vented, mains pressure system. A vented system usually has a cold water cistern located in the loft space and a hot water storage cylinder situated in an airing cupboard. Therefore, the resulting pressure of water supplied to the household relies on gravity, essentially the height of the cold water cistern above any water outlets such as taps, baths and showers. In some situations the pressure of water is insuffcient to provide a satisfying shower but there is a very straight forward solution. The installation of a Stuart Turner pump, either to an individual tap or shower, or in some cases to the entire property can make a huge difference to the performance of water outlets. Stuart Turner’s monsoon , showermate , showermate eco or showermate tp pumps are designed specifically for this scenario.

Properties with a combi boiler or pressurised hot water system are reliant on the incoming mains water pressure and flow to operate effectively and in some instances the ability of the mains supply to deliver the flow of water required at pressure can be lacking or inconsistent at best. A tap being used downstairs whilst someone is in the shower can mean the shower suddenly delivers a disspapointing performance, if any water at all. The mainsboost and aquaboost water performance systems from Stuart Turner are specifically designed to address the lack of mains water performance and stabilise water pressure to dramatically improvewater flow to all direct onmains appliances; delivering improved performance from unvented cylinders, combination boilers and high performance shower heads for example, allowing the possibility to run multiple outlets simultaneously! Imagine filling a bath and running a shower all at the same time, with no reduction in water flow!

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