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MARCH 2019


Faith Does!

W ith St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, luck is at the forefront of many people’s minds. I used to believe in luck. In fact, we had an old saying in my family that went, “If we did not have bad luck, we would have no luck at all!” Over the years, though, I have stopped believing in the idea entirely. To me, luck does not exist when you have faith. Similar to a lot of other people’s experiences, my faith in God’s plan for my life grew out of a struggle. In the early 2000s, my grandparents’ health started rapidly declining, and I was the one responsible for making sure they were being taken care of. This meant that I was hiring caregivers and often doing a fair amount of the caregiving on my own as well. While seeing loved ones go through health issues is always emotionally painful, witnessing my grandparents’ rapid decline was particularly difficult because we were so close. In fact, they raised me until I was 6. Growing up, I remember that they had a longtime lawyer they called any time they needed advice. But when it came time to get their affairs in order, he only helped them with their will, which meant that my grandmother passed without designating a power of attorney.

Although I was freshly out of law school, I had to sit down and have a “come to Jesus” talk with my grandfather to help him be proactive. While he understandably had a hard time taking his granddaughter seriously as an attorney, he eventually listened and let me help him with all the necessary preparations. When he passed away nine months after my grandmother, I woke up the next day knowing that I needed to do something different with my life. I had spent the last decade in litigation, but I decided to completely change my area of focus to help people who were in the same predicament as my grandparents. I chucked out my litigation focus and began practicing elder law exclusively. I even took all 37 of my suits to Dress for Success so I could not go back to court! My experience as an elder law attorney has more than validated my drastic career change all those years ago. I laughingly tell people that I can now see their potential pitfalls because I have vicariously experienced them. I wake up every single morning feeling blessed that I have a practice I love that allows me to meet amazing people and help families in the best ways I know how. How many people can wholeheartedly say they love their job? I do not think many people have that luxury.

This entire experience made me realize that as you get older, you are faced with more complex decisions, and when you make a good decision and head down the right path, the good events that follow compound to reinforce that decision. That process is so much more about faith in God’s intentions than it is about luck. I would like to say that I am lucky I stumbled into my current role, but I know that God had this plan in mind all along. He has a plan for everything; it is my job to listen and try not to mess it up too much.

“To me, luck does not exist when you have faith.”

-Kim Hegwood



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