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Another thrilling tennis competition held at The Pearl-Qatar. Pearl Open II

Promoting a sustainable and environmental friendly community. Recycling Lovers Rejoice

14 Basketball Tournament





Fasting and fitness The ins and outs of how to stay fit during Ramadan.

New Beach Furniture

Charity Donations

26 Yasmine Palace

UDC announces the names of the lucky winners. 24 Shop and Win


A new fitness club opens in Porto Arabia. Dynamik

34 Your Shared Moments

30 FIFA 18

32 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia TM

The most prestigious sporting event on the planet.

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New Recycling Centre 13


New Recycling Centre



Our goal is to promote environmental sustainability and community health, through convenient recycling services at The Pearl-Qatar.

s part of our continued efforts to provide our residents with the best amenities here at The Pearl-Qatar, we are pleased to announce that the island now has its very own Recycling

Centre exclusive for residents of The Pearl-Qatar!

The Recycling center, which comes in the form of a large purpose-built recycling container, is located in Bahri Villas south beside the mosque. Our goal is to promote environmental sustainability and community health, through convenient recycling services at The Pearl-Qatar. Up until now, a significant amount of the waste collected which consists of recyclable materials could not be recovered and reused. From an environmental sustainability perspective, UDC has always been an active player and has led a number of initiatives which positively impact the environment. Take earth hour as a prime example, something which UDC participates in and promotes every year. Needless to say, climate change is a threat. However, if we continue to work together, we can slow down its effects and minimise the damages to our planet. To this end, recycling helps to protect the natural habitat for future generations, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emission, which in a way tackles the effects of climate change. With the new center, residents are able to recycle metal, plastic, glass and paper waste to make the community environmentally friendly. If that wasn’t enough, remember that each time you recycle, you are putting into the local economy and ensuring other habitats have a greater survival chance.



14 Hoopz 2018

Hoopz 2018 15

The tournament which was a straight knock-out format brought together an array of talents. Whilst many put on a show for the spectators with a series of cross overs, three point shots, pull backs and lay ups, it was team Amr vs team Mohammed who went head-to-head in a

hotly contested final which certainly didn’t disappoint. After several hours of game time, sweat and achy joints, it was team Amr who came out on top in a gripping finale.


To have been able to participate in the event, each team must have at least one resident amongst its ranks. Presenting the winners trophy was Ateeq Al Khulaifi, UDC’s Community Services Director, whose department had hosted and sponsored the tournament. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the tournament a success, the players, guests and staff. Hoopz II is scheduled for 2019. If you wish to be informed of future competitions, send us a mail at with the subject “count me in”

ast month, UDC’s community services department held Hoopz! The community basketball tournament, which took place at The Pearl-Qatar on the 27th April 2018. This isn’t the first time, UDC’s community services department has hosted a free community competition with prizes to play for. UDC has held two successive tennis tournaments, the Pearl Open and FIFA 17 gaming competitions last year. The aim of these competitions is to bring residents together to take part in a recreation they enjoy and continue to boost the thriving community spirit at The Pearl-Qatar. The tournament, which attracted an incredible turnout, saw more than 70 players forming 18 teams going head-to-head in a 3v3 basketball tournament on a warm Friday afternoon.


We look forward to seeing you there !

16 Pearl Open ii

Pearl Open ii

en and women participated in an organized set, offering great opportunity to individuals who are passionate about the sport to come and have fun in the sport they love so dearly. There were noticeable frustrations in the air as participants fell by the wayside and excitement on the other hand, for those making it through to the next round. m The first round of the competition began with competitors taking the center stage, with the most experienced hands going through to the next round.

For many, the opportunity to meet other residents with the same hobbies is a kick-start to a new friendship, which is something meaningful to many of us.

The 2 time Pearl Open Champion Riad, faced fierce competition from other participants who were not willing to let go so easily. He was able to overcome his opponent Marc Revault who himself had an excellent tournament but only fell short at the last hurdle. In great spirits fans and enthusiasts cheered both finalists in a beautiful finale which was a showcase of skill and experience. These community events are part of the ‘your community, our priority’ campaign which is intended to inspire more and more residents at The Pearl-Qatar to be active and take part in something they love, or something completely new.

The one-day tournament put the best of The Pearl community’s players together in a keenly contested competition, with a state-of-the art Nestle Dolce Gusto coffee machine to play for. As the tournament progressed, experience came to play, but the man who wanted it the most and stood tall after hours of painstaking sets was Riad Hassan. For those who were there during Pearl Open last year, you would know that Riad was the winner of that competition and has now virtually become a house- hold name amongst tennis enthusiasts on the island.

Lido Venezia : Lounges and Shades


As summer fast approaches, Lido Venezia in Qanat Quartier is fast becoming a destination for many residents at The Pearl-Qatar. If you’ve recently had the opportunity to go to the beach, you would’ve noticed the shaded tiki umbrella which has been cordon off and you’re probably thinking what’s going on here? Well, we’re glad you asked! This shade is the sample which we were recently reviewing and we have passed it fit for mass production.

Renautica Middle East offers a QAR 100 ticket enabling you

unlimited water taxi usage for an entire month. This offer is exclusive to residents only.



ithin the next 50 days, we expect that the beach will have 30 new tiki umbrellas, 5 cabanas and a wide range of seating options to ensure you can enjoy the beach without worrying about the heat. Each shade will have 2 single loungers and 1 double lounger, which means upto 4 people can share each shade, a great option for families and friends. It has taken some time and this is due to ensuring quality control and testing is conducted. After all, our goal is to provide you with equipment that you can enjoy for years to come. For those of you with small children, a section of the furniture will be designated for families. When not in use, it may be used by others too, however the priority is for families with small children. If there’s one thing which we’re sure of, is that when the stock finally arrives, it’s going to look great and your beach will be more enjoyable. Residents will have yet another opportunity to explore individual delight. The new furniture will be a significant step for the community and will just be a small part of our goal to provide you with a quality and tailormade lifestyle which makes The Pearl-Qatar, what it is today.

While apps and games have many benefits in children’s lives, they often are the source of many safety concerns for parents. We now live in a world where parents are constantly challenged to find balance between the real world and the digital one to keep their children safe at all times. So if you are wondering how to keep your children safe in a digital world, here are some useful tips:



+ 10

+ 14 Age appropriateness




Age ratings







Fasting and Fitness

Fasting and Fitness

So , tell me , what can I eat ?

1. Frh Vegabl

The high amounts of vitamins and minerals combined with low calories ranks veggies as the undisputed fat-beating champion, but you probably knew that already.

during Ramadan? Stay Fit HOW DO I

2. Fh

Eating fish has several proven benefits. Fish is the worlds best source of Omega-3 which is incredibly important for your body and brain. Fish oils are known to boost cardiovascular health and lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. Some of the best fish to eat when training are wild salmon and seabass.

Finay, remember:

Perform physical activity for 30 minutes at least every day. Remember to avoid, high-intensity outdoor exercises when the suns out as this will inevitably lead to dehydration. Do not exercise immediately after you break your fast as all of the body’s energy will be directed towards digestion of food. Individuals should consult with their physician before starting any physical activity if they are unsure of their health and stop any physical activity immediately if you experience dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing or chest pain.


3. Good Protei

We’ve established fish as your go-to protein, but eating eggs, grilled skinless chicken/turkey and legumes such as lentils, are all excellent protein sources that are good at keeping you full without adding to your waistline.

Get fitter this Ramadan!

ating and sleeping routines drastically change during the holy month of Ramadan. If there is any month where one can master the art of self-discipline, then this definitely is it. Study shows that fasting for 30 consecutive days without exercising or performing physical activity, reduces strength and muscle mass. To counter this, Muslims have to train and keep fit during this period. Whilst most fit folks will have a system which works for them, here are a few methodologies you can implement to help you shed the excess weight and keep you looking good beyond this month. E


4. w Fs


What many of us know but struggle to comprehend is how healthy fats help fight excess body fat. Whilst you have the entire night ahead of you to do your fact finding, what we can tell you is that low fat cheese, low fat milk, olive oil will positively affect your fitness goals when eating in moderate portions and combined with a training. Avoid Ghee, sunflower oils and other high fat sources. This month, bread will be a common denominator in many households, if you can avoid it altogether, then even better. But if it will prove near-impossible, the only advice we could give you is not to go for the healthier option when choosing your bread, but to go for the healthiest option. Here are the top healthy breads on the market: Ezekiel, flaxseed, Rye, Oat and whole wheat bread.

Well, the first thing you ought to determine is whether you will be training before or after iftar You’ll probably hear some of your friends tell you, it’s best to exercise before iftar and others will tell you that it’s better to train afterwards. However, the fact is, as long as you are eating and training well, both methodologies work, though one is obviously going to be harder than the other and precautions should be taken. How can I workout and eat properly while fasting?

Before Iftar Precautions should be taken and proper guidelines followed when working out before Iftar. Exercising just before Iftar should be limited and for no longer than 60 minutes, preferably in an air-conditioned location. After you break the fast, drink sufficient amounts of fluids and water to replenish salts and minerals lost by the body. After Iftar It is advisable to perform physical activity three hours after you break the fast as by then the body has completed the digestion process.

5. Grai




The Pearl-Qatar/month

It’s with great pleasure to announce that a staggering 22,500Kg was collected from the community charity boxes in 2017. This is a testament of the commitment and goodwill our residents have shown towards those who are less privileged and vulnerable.

We look forward to a greater contribution in 2018

22,500 Donated Kg

24 Shop and win

Presenting the happy winners with their new prestigious motors was Abdulrahim Al Ibrahim, UDC’s Comemrical Executive Director and Nawaf Al Fehaida, UDC’s Acting Marketing & Communications Director.


he Pearl-Qatar’s Shop & Win campaign was initiated to as an added incentive to boost the shopping culture on the island. The campaign attracted thousands of people from all parts of the country,

every one of which had the opportunity to become a lucky winner in the draw. The event was introduced last December and concluded in March of this year, lasting three months.

Latifa Abdullah Al-Kubaisi (won the KTM 1290 Super Adventure SMY Motorcycle) Abdulrahman Abdulhakim (won the BMW 750 Li) Minnatallah Tarek (won the Porsche Macan) Thamer Mohammed Al-Meer (won the Maserati Quattroporte S) Youssef Mohammed Massaad (won the BMWR1200 Motorcycle and Porsche Macan) Dana Abdullah Al-Sada (won the Range Rover V8 Supercharged) Youssef Salem (won the BMW X6)

Recently, UDC announced the name of the raffle draw winners who went home with six luxury cars and two motorbikes. The finale which took place in Medina Centrale, was conducted in the presence of a number of diginitaries including an official from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Onlookers and visitors were also present to witness the night unfold.

In order to stand a chance of winning one of the luxury automobiles, customers had to spend QAR 200 at any of the island’s participating retailers including Restaurants and once they finished, simply present the receipt to the rae concierge who would give them a ticket in return.

UDC has made quite a name for itself when it comes to promoting culture, community and a vibrant lifestyle. The shopping campaign coincided with the Qanat Qarnavale, the venitian themed Carnival which took place during a 4 day event earlier this year.


The Connoisseur


The Connoisseur

Quality & Service

The service quality is excellent. Every staff member knows exactly what they are supposed to do and their interaction with you will give you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

Despite the vast selection of meals, the staff has a deep understanding of what every item entails. This is a plus for any restaurant because it helps them make fast delivery of food, and ensure you get exactly what you want.

Yasmine Palace is the type of restaurant that quickly makes you remember that we are in an exciting era. From the moment you step into the palace, the ambiance of this beautiful destination will overtake you and arrest your senses. It is the perfect place to have an enjoyable time with your friends, family or colleagues. Y

You have a wide selection on the menu list. You should try their salads, which includes a classic table, oriental or Yasmine’s very own Fattoush salad. Menu, Meals, & Cuisine

Reception & Atmosphere

General Info

For dessert, your options include; rice pudding, fruit salad and Yasmine Palace sweets which is a selection of Arabian sweets.

Walking into Yasmine Palace feels like you’ve been invited by a king to a state banquet. Your immediately welcomed by smiling staff, who are waiting to show you to your seat. It is truly a palace in every sense of the word. From the furniture to the light fixtures and the interior decoration, this place will blow you away with all the gold, fountains, and interior gardens which have been so beautifully arranged.

Yasmine Palace is located at La Croisette 31, Porto Arabia. The restaurant is open every day, from noon up until midnight. The average cost of a meal for two people is around QAR 250-300. The restaurant serves a wide range of Arabian Cuisines, which you are bound to fall in love with.

Yasmine Palace is a real palace, with real food, where you are treated like a royal. This destination does it better than most

Some of the main dishes and grills include; kebab Halabi, grilled lamb chops, marinatedShuqaf and chicken biryani. If you are a soup lover, then you shoulddefinitely try their lentil soup which is delicious. Another good alternative is the mushroom cream soup.

other places. Sit among the royals and get treated to one of the best dining experiences of your life. The atmosphere is lovely, the delicious meals, the decoration and the brilliant service makes Yasmine Palace an excellent choice for a good night out.

For hot appetizers, some of your choices include sujok roll or chicken liver, while cold appetizers like yalanji, Yasmine Palace hummos or moussaka would also make a good choice.





Why Should You Join A Gym?

Simple answer? To feel stronger and healthy as well as looking good! The human body is built for work and denying it what it requires, can make you feel weaker and tired which could result in long term health issues. Training at home on your own requires plenty of motivation, something many people can’t figure out on their own, or sustain. You have the opportunity to join Dynamik and mingle with a vast community of fitness lovers. Dynamik gives you access to a vast range of machinery and gym equipment. It has more than 100 life fitness, precore, stair master, hoist and hammer strength machines to make your workout effective and fun. Nothing is more annoying than having to wait for someone to finish with their machine before you can jump on. At Dynamik, that’s taken care of. If you prefer to work out in a gender segregated environment, then this is the place for you. Dynamik has separate work out spaces for both men and women with three state of the art group exercise studios. If your feeling a bit sore, the gym also offers dedicated massage rooms to help sooth those aches along with a juice bar to help replenish your vitals and get you ready for your next session.


Membership benefits include: Free fitness assessment followed by 2 free personal training sessions Membership freezing options Free use of towels

Annual membership is set at QAR 9000 for individuals and QAR 7200 for the corporate rate.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get those gains.

Gym hours: 7am-11pm Fridays 1:30pm – 10pm dynamikqa Address 29, La Croisette, Porto Arabia. Tel : 4444 3381 Email :

new fitness club, Dynamik just opened in Porto Arabia. This is yet another establishment that will provide fitness enthusiasts in our community an opportunity to keep fit using highly sophisticated weight training equipment.


Made in Sherborne Made for Life

My name is Kamini, I graduated from Sherborne Qatar in 2016 and I am now studying computer engineering at Iowa State University in the United States. In the future I plan to work in >À̈wVˆ>ˆ˜Ìiˆ}i˜Vi]ÀœLœÌˆVÃœÀ…i>Ì…ˆ˜vœÀ“>̈Vð/…iÌi>V…iÀà at Sherborne were amazing and helped me achieve my potential. /…iÞV>Ài`vœÀ“iLœÌ…ˆ˜Ãˆ`i>˜`œÕÌÈ`iœv̅iV>ÃÃÀœœ“°

My name is George, I graduated from Sherborne Qatar in 2017 and am now enrolled on a 4 year business and management degree at Bradford University in the UK. I expect to take on a management role after completing my degree and that is in no small part due to the support I received from the staff and pupils at Sherborne Qatar, where everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves both academically and personally.

• 21 A (Advanced) and AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level courses incl. Politics & Media Studies r0'9$6'%.GXGN'ZVGPFGF%GTVKƂECVGKP$WUKPGUU • Specialised BTEC suite • Over 20% of our A Level grades were A* or A (June 2017)

• Highest marks in the world GCSE French and Spanish • Highest marks in Qatar for GCSE English Literature, Arabic and Art and Design • QHCNN#NGXGNUYGTGITCFGF# VQ%YKVJQXGTQPGKPƂXG grades being at A* or A

To build on our success and continued interest in Sherborne Qatar, we are pleased to announce that we will open another form of entry for Year 7 for September 2018. Please contact the Registrar for more information: Telephone: +974 4459 6572 A s a British school in Qatar we are proud to be both Qatar National Schools (QNSA) and British Schools Overseas (BSO) accredited. /…iÀiVi˜Ì+ -ƂÀi«œÀ̘œÌi`]¼-ÌÀi˜}̅ˆ˜̅iµÕ>ˆÌÞœv̅i {ίÜiÀi>ÌƂÉƂI°/…iÃiw}ÕÀiÃ>ÀiÜi>LœÛi̅i1>ÛiÀ>}i°/…iƂ iÛiÀiÃՏÌÃÜiÀi>Ãœ̅iLiÃÌiÛiÀ]܈̅Ç䯜v}À>`iÃLiˆ˜}À>`iƂI ̜ >˜`Ó£¯>ÌƂIœÀƂ°œÀ“iÀ«Õ«ˆÃ>Ài˜œÜÃÌÕ`ވ˜}>Ì>À>˜}iœv top universities.

Find out more about our new Sixth Form courses Visit to book a tour or Telephone: +974 4459 6572 /…i*Ài«-V…œœˆÃvœÀÎ̜££‡Þi>À‡œ`«Õ«ˆÃ>˜`Ìi>V…iÃ̅i >̈œ˜> ÕÀÀˆVՏՓœv ˜}>˜`]“œ`ˆwi`vœÀ̅iœV>VՏÌÕÀi°/…iVÕÀÀˆVՏՓ ˆ˜VÕ`iÃƂÀ>LˆV]Ï>“ˆV-ÌÕ`ˆiÃ]+>Ì>ÀˆˆÃ̜ÀÞ>˜`Ài˜V…°/…i-i˜ˆœÀ -V…œœˆÃvœÀ££̜£n‡Þi>À‡œ`«Õ«ˆÃ>˜`ˆÌ>Ãœ>`>«ÌÃ̅i >̈œ˜> ÕÀÀˆVՏՓœv ˜}>˜`̜̅iœV>Vœ˜ÌiÝÌ°*Õ«ˆÃÃÌÕ`ÞvœÀÉ - à examinations in Years 10 & 11 and then chose from 21 AS and A levels vœÀ9i>ÀãÓE£Î°/…i-i˜ˆœÀ-V…œœˆÃ>Ãœ`iÛiœ«ˆ˜}ۜV>̈œ˜> business courses to provide an alternative route to higher education. /…iÓä£ÇÉ - ÀiÃՏÌÃÜiÀi̅iÃV…œœ½ÃLiÃÌiÛiÀ܈̅nx¯œv«Õ«ˆÃ >V…ˆiۈ˜}xœÀ“œÀi}À>`iÃ>ÌƂI̜ ]ˆ˜VÕ`ˆ˜} ˜}ˆÃ…>˜`>̅ð educational leadership, teaching and learning, development and care vœÀi>À˜iÀð/…i -"Ài«œÀ̘œÌi`̅>Ì̅iÃV…œœ…>Ã]¼ƂΈi`] «>ÃȜ˜>Ìi>˜`}i˜Õˆ˜iÞÃÕ««œÀ̈ÛiÌi>V…ˆ˜}ÃÌ>vv½>˜`]¼/…i«Õ«ˆÃ are courteous and enthusiastic learners that look forward to lessons and are proud to be members of the school community.’ Sherborne Qatar is also the only British independent school to be part of the Ministry of Education’s Outstanding Schools programme.

Sherborne Qatar School is also committed to cultivating responsible and compassionate citizens. At the heart of what we do are our core values: respect, honesty, kindness, perseverance, responsibility and teamwork which underpin all that we do. We want our pupils to be positive role models, to embrace positions of responsibility and to develop a range of interests.

Sherborne Qatar t r





Who are the Favourites to win? Many people have earmarked one of the following teams as favourites to win the golden trophy along with an incredible winner ’ s pot of $38m:


FRANCE Les Bleus have surprisingly only won the competition on one occasion. This year, they go into the tournament with three of the five most expensive footballers in history. They have stars in every position, but can they keep their cool and whits about them? Talisman: Antoine Greizmann GERMANY The team with the best form, Germany has won all their 10 World Cup qualifiers to cruise into this summers tournament. This Germany team has the most World Cup winners in their squad, more than any other team in the competition. Talisman: Thomas Müller

ARGENTINA At the age of 30, it may well be the last World Cup we lay our eyes on one of the best players to ever grace the game, Lionel Messi. Talisman: Lionel Messi BELGIUM Arguably the best team on paper, Belgium is in with a great shout but having only played one friendly match this year, could they falter on the big stage? Talisman: Eden Hazard BRAZIL The most successful team in World Cup history with 5 trophies, they will be looking to rebuilt theirt reputation after the 7-1 thrashing by Germany, 4 years ago. Neymar did not play that game and had he did, history may have recorded it differently. Talisman: Neymar

nce again, the world will come together to witness the most prestigious sporting event on the planet, the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA™. This is the 21st edition of the tournament which was founded 88 years ago, back in 1930. For the first time, Russia will host the tournament which many of us simply can’t wait for. If previous competitions are anything to go by, this one is sure expected to be one of the most exciting and electric events which will take place this decade.

Event Highlights

The 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA ™ will start 14th June 2018 with the host nation kicking off. The final will be held on 15th July 2018. The competition will involve 32 teams from different parts of the world, including the defending champions, Germany. Twenty teams will be making back-to-back appearances, while Panama and Iceland will be playing for the first time in the history of the competition. One of the surprise shocks of this year ’ s tournament is that Italy hasn ’ t qualified. In the context and history of the competition, it ’ s the first time that the Azzuri ’ s failed to qualify since 1958.

Hosting Cities A total of 64 matches are going to be played in 12 venues across Russia. Two of the venues will be in Moscow, including Luzhniki Stadium, with an incredible seating capacity of 81,000, making it the largest football stadium in Russia and one of the largest on the planet.



Courtsey of @waseemalrefai



wHERE CAN I get a resident card from? Resident passes are issued by The Registry Department, located on the ground floor of UDC’s Medina Centrale office. The customer service desks will be to your right hand side as you enter. You will need to bring with you, your Qatari ID, passport-sized photograph and lease agreement/SPA. I would like TO CARRY OUT MODIFICATIONS TO MY PROPERTY, DO I NEED UDC’S PERMISSION? Yes. All modifications to the property require approval from the Registry Department. Small day-to-day domestic home alterations such as repainting internal walls etc do not require an approval. HOW DO I BOOK THE TENNIS COURTS? Residents can book the tennis courts free of charge. To book a court, call Ittisal, our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk on 800 6222. First come, first serve. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE TO CARRY OUT MAINTENANCE IN MY UNIT? As a homeowner, you would be responsible for themaintenance of your property. As a tenant, you should raise your concern to your landlord. Tenants who are leasing fromUDCmay call Ittisal on 800 6222.

to whom do i report a noise disturbance coming from a neighbouring unit? We have dedicated security manning the island 24/7. Call our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk, Ittisal on 800-6222 and we will dispatch a member of our security team to the location.

how do i sign up for a free digital copy of the pearl living community newsletter? Pearl Living is the official community newsletter of The Pearl-Qatar. To sign up to a free digital copy, simply send an email to with the subject “sign me up” how do i pay my qatar cool bill? The quickest and most convenient way to pay your bill is to download the Qatar Cool app which is available on iOS and android. Your connection ID is listed in the paper bill you would have received, alternatively you may visit Qatar Cool’s office located at the main intersection on the island close to Woqod.

I’M HAVING ISSUES WITH MY IPTV (ENTONE receiver), WHO DO I CALL FOR help? For all IPTV related assistance, please call 4409 5181

is there anywhere on the island i can go to watch major sporting events? Yes. You can watch live coverage of some major sporting events at our amphitheatre at 30 La Croisette, by tower 30 - Porto Arabia. It’s free. Follow our official instagram account @thepearlqatar for the latest announcements


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