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MARCH 2019


And What You Can Learn From the A’s Success

With the dawn of March 2019, baseball season returns! Florida, where spring training takes place for many of the MLB professional teams, is no exception. Across the Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa hosts spring training for the Yankees, and Clearwater, Florida, is also part of the activity. Since February, the Philadelphia Phillies have been getting ready to battle their way through the rigorous and novel adventure that is the Sunshine State’s Grapefruit League. If you saw the 1973 sports drama “Bang the Drum Slowly,” you’ll remember seeing a number of Clearwater sites featured (as well as a very young Robert DeNiro, who plays the role of a baseball player during spring training). Right now, though, we have a different baseball movie in mind — “Moneyball.” The film tells a legendary story of how one innovative manager used statistics to change the course of baseball history — and it’s relevant not just to sports but also to our industry, especially agent recruitment. In the movie, Brad Pitt takes on the role of Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane. As the exec of one of the poorest teams in baseball, Beane outsmarts the league by abandoning the traditional recruitment strategies and focusing almost exclusively on metrics. Working together with his assistant, Paul DePodesta, they analyze players’ statistics in ways other franchises hadn’t even considered. Regardless of what sports critics and players have to say about Beane, he established an incredible competitive franchise in the Oakland A’s, all thanks to the power of metrics and the strategic decisions made around those numbers.

Agent Link has helped hundreds of carriers, BGAs, and BDs with their distribution and agent/advisor recruiting.We believe that implementing metrics is one of the most — if not the most — critical and fundamental actions management can take to raise efficiency and find success in distribution growth or agent recruiting. We want to share the game-changing effects that tracking the right metrics can have and show you how to use those metrics to win some games of your own. Inside this issue, you’ll find three of the best metrics to implement immediately. What are you waiting for?

Winning in team sports has always been a function of front offices and managers. Deciding which players to draft, trade, and develop used to be made in accordance with age-old traditions. But then came Billy Beane and his use of “sabermetrics” to uncover the secret to success in baseball player evaluation. Many argue that this approach has revolutionized not just baseball’s modern era but also professional sports as a whole. Today, every major professional sports team either has an analytics department or an analytics expert on staff. Teams are now turning to data scientists and other professionals for insight into these numbers.The fact is that management by statistics and pertinent data analysis can take any operation to the next level — and agent recruitment is no exception.

-Stu and Senia

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