The Bulletin: March 2020


JUNIOR SQUASH PLAYER SPOTLIGHT What do you like about squash?

That we get to do forehands and backhands. Hitting the ball above the cut line. How many times a week do you play squash? A lot – two times. Which is your favorite drill/game on Sundays? Hitting back hands. What’s your favorite snack before squash? Granola bars! What has been the most exciting moment in sports thus far? Hitting back hand Who is your favorite superhero? Spiderman – (Q: Can you beat Spiderman in squash? A: Ohhh yeah!) What is your favorite song? Safe and Sound What would you like to be when you grow up? A policeman Any additional info? I like squash, tennis, and swimming. When did you first play squash? Age 5 How many times a week you play squash? 4 What’s in your squash bag? 2 racquets, 2 eye guards, 1 pair of squash shoes, squash balls, Frisbee, football and a tennis ball. Favorite squash shot? Forehand drop Favorite squash drill/game? King of the court What’s your favorite shot combination? Boast drive What has been your best exciting match thus far? US Junior Open match against Whit Robertson – 11-5, 5-11, 12-10, 5-11, 11-8 Do you have a pre-match meal and if so, what is it? Scrambled eggs What is your pump-up song? Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons


Parents: Christine and Justin Haynes


Parents: Jack and Amelia Wyant

What is your serve routine? Sometimes I bounce the ball What is your racquet of choice? Technifibre 125

Do you have a favorite tour or college player? Paul Coll, Andrew Douglas, and Aly Abou Eleinen


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