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August 2019

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Finding My Family

Reagan Swings By to Say Hi!

Hi, everyone!

I’m so lucky that my family found me and that they were so patient with me. It took a few years for them to train me and teach me how to be a big dog, but I learned how to be a good boy. If I had to choose my favorite thing to do

My name is Reagan, and I’m a 5-year-old wheaten terrier. My mom, Kim, usually writes something here, but since it’s the “dog days of summer,” she asked me to take over! How fun is that? My mom is always thinking of cool ideas like that. In fact, when my mom and dad adopted me, Mom had this great idea to train me as a therapy dog. She could already tell that I loved everyone around me, and she wanted to be able to take me to work with her. I even passed my first class at puppy school! But my dad had different ideas. Mom likes to say that due to Dad’s sabotage and spoiling, I grew to be better suited as a house dog, but that’s okay with me. I’m just happy as long as I’m with people.

with my family, it would be to join them in the car. I will always stick my head out the window and smell the world around me. It’s such a fun time! (I highly recommend trying it. You humans don’t understand what you’re missing!)

I get worried about my family when they leave during the day, and I’m just so excited to see them

every evening that I sing as they walk through the door. I can never decide who my favorite is, so I usually end up laying between Mom and Dad, no matter where they are. If Mom is in the living room and Dad is down the hall, I will lay in the middle of them, not wanting to choose one or the other. If I had a choice, I’d herd them together, lay in between them, and take a nap. And, boy, do I love to snuggle with them! It’s one of my favorite things to do, but don’t tell them that. I like it when they come up and snuggle with me first. I don’t know what I would do without my parents, and I am so happy to be part of this family. Sometimes they take me on their trips and adventures, and other times, we all go for walks and play. I sure am one lucky pup.

Based on how Dad spoils me, you would never guess that he didn’t know if he was ready or had the time for a puppy until he met me! Mom tells me that he needed some convincing. Apparently, a few of my parent’s siblings and in-laws have wheaten terriers just like me, and Mom was looking to get one too. Dad wasn’t too sure, but eventually, Mom persuaded him into adopting me. Although, I like to think it was my cute face that won Dad over. I actually used to have a really dark coat, with thick black and brown fur. But now that I’m growing up, my fur has turned a light cream color.

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