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Computing This term we will be studying a unit called ‘We are artists’. Within this unit, the children will be creating their own art work using tessellating patterns. They will be researching Escher and his famous art- work created by using tessellating patterns. R.E We will be looking into the topic of ‘What Jesus would do?’ and reflecting on betray- al, forgiveness, the foundations of life, prayer, friendships and enemies. The chil- dren will be looking at stories from the Bi- ble to help them understand what Jesus would do and the meaning of his teachings. P.E Please ensure that your child has the cor- rect kit in school. This term year 5 will be looking at net and wall games. They will be focusing on tennis. The children will con- tinue to take part in weekly swimming les- sons, so please provide the full kit. Modern Foreign Languages During our lessons we will teach French and speak in sentences using familiar vo- cabulary, phrases and basic language structures. PSHE We promote the good physical, mental health and emotional wellbeing of our chil- dren.

Space- ‘Out of this World’ We have decided to add in a new topic into our curriculum. It is called ‘Out of this World’ and it will be based around Space. The chil- dren will be looking into the solar system, government space agencies around the world and the technology within space. Art & Design Technology This term the children will be focussing on Architecture. They will be learning about fa- mous architects and their designs and llook- ing at the local area and its architecture. The children will be designing their own building based on a specification. They will be given the opportunity to look at our new infants building and watch the whole process, from design to building work evolve over time. The artist Jackson Pollock will be an inspira- tion to create a final piece of work based on the phases of the moon. History and Geography In Geography, the children will be looking at physical and human features. They will learn about latitude, longitude, Equator, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, and time zones (including day and night). They will be locat- ing continents and countries. In History, the children will be looking at how technology within space has evolve over time. They will be studying key events that have happened within Space. Music This term the children will be focussing on two songs ‘Make you feel my love’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. They will be listening and appraising a variety of songs as well as playing instruments.


In year 5 we will be studying how to write a

persuasive text, narrative and newspaper

report. We will also be doing poetry this half

term too. We will be basing our writing

around our new topic ‘Out of this World’.


This term we are learning to use numerical

strategies to calculate area and perimeter of

rectangles and squares as well as develop-

ing understanding of multiplication and divi-

sion, drawing on a variety of written meth-

ods and applying knowledge of multiples.

Throughout the term, we will continue to

move on to fractions, decimals and percent-



We will be learning about living things and

their habitats, animals including humans.

The children will be looking at life cycles and

describing the changes in a human to old

age. Our space topic will also incorporate

some Science objectives. The children will

The Federation of Abbey Infan and Junior School Abbey Juniors Barclay Road

look at how seasons are formed, day and

night, the solar system and the phases of the


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