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EYFS In Nursery we follow the EYFS, a copy of which is on our website. There are 17 areas of learning made up of 3 specific areas: Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication & Language and 4 prime areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design. The activities in Nursery are designed to enable children to develop across all of these areas of learning. Children will become independent learners and make choices about their activities, balanced with an appropriate range of adult-led learning. Children will have free access to both the inside, outdoor and all-weather areas. ICT In Nursery ICT includes a wide range of technology e.g. using moving toys, remote controls, walkie-talkies, telephones, CD players, using knobs and pulleys as well as computers, tablets and iPads. Nursery children will have an opportunity to use computers in the Nursery.

We would like to welcome the new children to our

Nursery!!! It is great fun meeting lots of new children

and their families, they are settling in really well. Well

Land of make believe Our over arching theme is Land of Make Believe, Spring 1 will be –Monsters! And Spring 2 will be -Fairytales and Forests. These topics will encourage the children to develop their imagination, creativity and individuality. They will be designing and making their own Monsters! Listening to lots of stories, which will enable them to develop a basic understanding of how stories are structured and talk about the main characters and settings. There will be lots of opportunities for role play, dressing up, going on a Monster hunt, re telling familiar stories, making up their own stories… We will be having a Movie day watching Monsters Inc and we will visit Warley Woods to look for fairy doors! In Spring 2, Nursery will be making their own fairy garden. Anybody who would like to get involved in this please let Mrs Gaxherri know!!!



We will continue to encourage the children to recognise and

have a go at writing their own name. We will be reading

lots of books about Monsters and a range of fairytales.

During story time we will be asking the children lots of

questions about the books. This will include ‘Who are the

main characters?’ and ‘Where is the story set?’.


We will continue to recognise 2D shapes, colours and

numbers. We will be comparing different monsters,

counting how many eyes they have, measuring footprints,

ordering by height. The children will be encouraged to

start recording numbers and will practice number

formation. We will use the language of passage of time such

as first, after, next and there will be plenty of

opportunities for counting and simple addition through


stories such as Goldilocks and the three bears.

Please ensure that all items of clothing and

Physical Development

footwear are clearly labelled with your child’s

Mrs Sanderson will continue to visit Nursery once a week

to do a Physical Development session with the children.


The Federation of Abbey Infant and Junior School.

They have been working on skills such as skipping, hopping,

Please return all library books on a Friday to


standing on one leg and slithering. The session is enjoyed

Phone: 0121-429-1689 Fax: 0121-469-1689 E-mail: office@abbey-inf.sandwell.sch.uk

by all, as the actions are carried out through a story.

allow your child to choose a new one.

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