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EYFS In Reception we follow the EYFS, a copy of which is on our website. There are 17 areas of learning made up of 3 specific areas: Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication & Language and 4 prime areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design. The activities in Reception are designed to enable children to develop across all of these areas of learning. Children will become independent learners and make choices about their activities, balanced with an appropriate range of adult-led learning. Children will have free access to both the inside, outdoor and all-weather areas. ICT In Reception ICT includes a wide range of technology e.g. using moving toys, remote controls, walkie-talkies, telephones, CD players, using knobs and pulleys as well as computers, tablets and iPads. Reception children will have an opportunity to use computers throughout the term.


Land of make believe Our over arching theme is Land of Make Believe, Spring 1 will be –Monsters! And Spring 2 will be -Fairytales and Forests. These topics will encourage the children to develop their imagination, creativity and individuality. They will be designing and making their own Monsters! Listening to lots of stories, which will enable them to develop a basic understanding of how stories are structured and talk about the main characters and settings. There will be lots of opportunities for role play, dressing up, going on a Monster hunt, re telling familiar stories, making up their own stories… We will be having a Movie day watching Monsters Inc and we will visit Warley Woods to look for fairy doors! In Spring 2, Reception will be making their own fairy garden. Anybody who would like to get involved in this please let Mrs Bhatoe know!!!

The children participate in daily phonics sessions (Letters

and Sounds Phase 3).

Children are given writing opportunities throughout the day

and are encouraged to mark make. Each term children learn

a T4W story, here children learn the actions and can retell

a story off by heart. Children engage in weekly Guided

Reading sessions where they read alongside the Class



Working with numbers to 20, children will be taught how to

count accurately, recognise numbers and develop their

mathematical language. Children will be looking at sub-

tracting numbers through varied maths activities. Looking

at 2D and 3D shapes. Children will also investigate capacity,

weight, height and shapes in practical, hands on


Physical Development

Forest School

Children develop their fine motor skills through threading,

During the year, your child will take part in For-

pencil control, tracing and manipulating materials such as

est School sessions in the designated Forest


School area within our school grounds. It is led

Children are encouraged to independently

by a qualified Forest School practitioner and

fasten coats, buttons, zips and shoes

themselves. Gross motor activities include weekly PE ses-

offers children the opportunity to learn outside

sions, outdoor play, scooters and balance bikes. In PE ses-

The Federation of Abbey Infant and Junior School.

and become confident, independent and creative

sions children are encouraged to travel in a variety of ways


learner. Please see class page for more details.

such as walking, hopping, jumping, skipping and slithering.

Phone: 0121-429-1689 Fax: 0121-469-1689 E-mail: office@abbey-inf.sandwell.sch.uk

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