HB - The Legal Corner Magazine #Issue 7

Thirdly, attending art fairs, gallery exhibi- tions and auction previews is invaluable; they offer a panoramic view of various artists and styles, allowing you to refine your tastes within a relaxed setting. Fourthly, research is key. Once an artwork captures your attention, delve into the artist's background and market standing, especially if they are contemporary. You may be able to contact

the artist directly and look at their website and perhaps meet them.

Your expertise in the fine art sector is highly regarded. Could you share a bit about your professional background and its influence on your current advisory role? Of course. My academic journey began with a BA Hons in The History of Fine & Decorative Arts from Leeds University. This paved the way to my initial role at Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers in New Bond Street, where I was appointed Head of the Watercolours, Drawings and Portrait Miniatures Departments. Being Head of Sale for these departments brought a wide range of responsibilities, including sourcing, researching, valuing, and cataloguing all works. Transitioning beyond Phillips, I continued to evolve within the art industry, applying my accumulated knowledge and expertise in various capacities. This

"...unless you have a huge budget and can afford to buy works by the great masters you should buy only what you really like."

period was marked by notable discoveries, including uncovering

forgotten works by eminent artists such as John Constable, during my work with other auction houses. The excitement of finding lost or forgotten treasures is the greatest thrill of my work. I love the sto- ries that connect the artwork to the past and tracing the provenance of a piece as far back as the artist who painted it is the highlight of the researching journey. My involvement with the BBC's Antiques Roadshow as a pictures expert over the past six years has further enriched my ex- perience. I have had the privilege of assessing myriad artworks, using my


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