HB - The Legal Corner Magazine #Issue 7

In this podcast:

From the motivations behind creating wills and leaving legacies to the significance of heirlooms and family history via a discussion of real-life stories, listeners will get to know more about why people make a will, why it is important and what things to consider when doing so.

We go behind the 'why' of wills. Estate planning, often regarded as a mundane task, holds the key to preserving our legacies, honouring our loved ones' wishes, and fostering harmony among family members. But what happens when good intentions go awry? How do family disputes over wills,

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legacies, and heirlooms shape our understanding of estate planning?

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We discuss this and more alongside a panel of seasoned experts - Jonathan Dorman, head of the Private Client team at Harold Benjamin Solicitors and Legal Directors Geoff Dennis, and Sarju Kotecha.

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