HB - The Legal Corner Magazine #Issue 7

In this issue In this edition we discuss vital matters applicable to everyone: planning for the impossible, mitigating risks and safeguarding our loved ones. From the importance of having a lasting power of attorney and wills in place, to discussing the various complexities associated with transferring the family home, this edition is a must-read. Recent data from HMRC, highlighting an increase in inheritance tax receipts, shines a light once again on the importance of strategic planning to mitigate tax liabilities and preserve wealth across generations. We are thankful to Ivar Sala of Evelyn Partners for his helpful input to this discussion. Further, we are grateful to our other guest contributors for this issue. To Suzanne Zack, known for her appearances on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, for her insight into investing in art; and to Sameer Tapia of lead- ing Mumbai-based law firm ALMT Legal, and David Gatheru of Murugu, Rigoro & Co Advocates, Kenya, for their valuable input comparing the treatment of inheritance and wealth across different jurisdictions. We also offer helpful guidance into how family businesses can manage conflicts and their wealth, and discuss the nuances of legal structures for cross border family businesses.

VIJAY PARIKH Managing Partner


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