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I ’ll admit it — I can be a bit of a scrooge during the  holidays. Don’t get me wrong. I love sitting down for a turkey feast with family on Christmas. I just can’t help but feel we’ve gotten away from the spirit of the season. Everything is so commercialized now, it can be hard to remember what we’re actually celebrating. Then again, maybe I’m just nostalgic for the way things were when I was a kid, specifically getting two weeks off from school. I can’t tell you when the last time was that I had that long of a holiday. Could you imagine getting two weeks off from your job? Half a month without any worries or responsibilities! Now that’s the way to spend the holidays, relaxing with family. I’d pack my bags and be down to the beach before you could say, “We’re out of Thanksgiving leftovers.” Unfortunately, when your name’s on the law firm, you can’t exactly go on a hiatus. We’re here to help people who are at their most vulnerable. That kind of assistance can’t wait, no matter how happy the holiday. I get stressed when I’m away from the office on a long weekend, and certainly wouldn’t be able to stomach two full weeks away from work. Still, I can’t help but feel that teenaged me never realized how good he had it. Those were the days. Two weeks where I could stay up late and sleep in. I didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. My time was my own. Granted, there wasn’t much to do in Newton, North Carolina. At least, not when I grew up there. Believe it or not, I was a very serious tennis player back in the day. I would have spent a lot of that break practicing, but Newton wasn’t the sort of place that built indoor courts. After the temperature hits about 40, tennis balls just don’t bounce very well. I still had fun, though. I’d ride my 10-speed up and down the foothills, past the old mills and furniture factories that were the lifeblood of that town. My friends and I watched movies, drove around, and got into your garden variety of teenage shenanigans. We’ll

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If you need a lawyer for anything, anywhere in the world, call us first. We have these nifty lawyer directories, and we know a lot of lawyers. We can help you choose a good lawyer in North Carolina, South Carolina, California, or anywhere else. We do this at no charge to our clients, former clients, friends, and anyone who reads this offer. So if you need a referral for another good lawyer, contact Bob Bollinger, and he will find you one. Call 704-377-7677 or email Where to Find Us Online ...

704-377-7677 • Toll-free: 1-866-326-3090 • 1 – Bob Bollinger We adults may never experience a break as relaxing as our time in high school. Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make the holidays less stressful. My advice to you this season is to look for ways to slow down. Appreciate the family and friends you have around you. Don’t place unnecessary burdens on yourself. If you feel like things are getting too hectic, take a deep breath and remind yourself what really matters. That being said, if a petition for a national two-week holiday starts circulating, I’m signing it. Happy Holidays! leave it at that. I also spent lots of time with family, which, in retrospect, is what I’m most grateful for. My grandmother lived with us while I was in high school, which meant holiday meals were always delicious. Being an old-fashioned, Southern country woman, Mamaw would bake a homemade fruitcake every Christmas. In fact, as far as I could tell, every family in Newton baked them, whether they were country folk or not. The supermarket used to be full of bright displays of candied fruit just for the occasion. Of course, baking a fruitcake is hard to do right, and it’s time-consuming. These days, the candied fruit displays have been replaced by the packaged, ready- made stuff. Such are the times we live in. Ba humbug. bobby-bollinger-1739108.html

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