April Edition 2021 | BEAUTY GLOBAL NETWORK

With the speedy world, people can hardly take out time for themselves. They are just busy in their busy routine. People are becoming unhealthy, unhealthy in the sense they are just focused on their jobs they are getting stress out of that, companies are considering them robots and putting mental pressure on them which is making them unhealthy. A fit environment is very important for the health of an individual. It is our responsibility to keep our environment fit. How can we make our environment fit? We can make it fit by avoiding air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution in short everything which is injurious to health. Three things are very important, fit body, fit mind, and fit environment. Always remember the healthy one will be preferred over unhealthy in every field of life. Not only your qualification or skills matter your fitness is also very important. We have certain images in our mind that the slim one is the healthy and they are unhealthy. If someone is fat he is unhealthy which is wrong. If we say many people are unhealthy because of their society, their thinking, their environment so it's not wrong. How people are unhealthy because of these things? Our society made some images in everyone's mind that to look beautiful you have to be slim. Our thinking is killing us, and yes obviously environment, here environment means people surrounding us. If we have positive people around us we will get positive vibes but negative people spreads negativity. To keep the environment healthy it's very important to have cheerful thoughts and good people around you. HOWHEALTH IS AFFECTED? Health is affected because of the things we are eating, we are thinking. These two things have negative results on an individual's life. Today everyone just loves to eat fat, fat like burgers, cheese, and many other things like this. These things are just making them fat not healthy there is a big difference between a healthy, person and a fat person. We think physical appearance is the real health, it's not true. Today's generation just think to build muscles and girls think to be slim. For this they are getting unhealthy things like steroids, bad dieting, no sugar. Steroids are very harmful sometimes they have an opposite reaction which can be dangerous. Girls are on the keto diet or on just salads, both are making them unfit. Sugar is very important to maintain the balance of the body. The new generation thinks that they have many modern ways to deal with things but unfortunately, modernity is making your life more difficult, yes it's not important that every new thing can be good for us. HOW TO STAY FIT? If you are slim you can be on the list of fit and if you are fat you are out of this list, just kick out this idea on the side and focus on one thing that if your body is working properly then you are fit. We should do workouts to maintain the flow in our body we should do some exercise like cycling, swimming, jogging, running and any other in which you are comfortable but must do workout it is the medicine for our body.

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