April Edition 2021 | BEAUTY GLOBAL NETWORK

QUESTION 12 Women especially idolizes celebrities and the people who belong to this industry globally. It’s like an immediate stimulus in our minds to describe beauty and somehow, we have set those particular standards as the epitome of beauty. Being a part of this industry, my question for you is what is your take on beauty? For me Beauty is not just what we see from outside, I always look for more than the outer appearance like personality, confidence, how they carry themselves, someone with positive attitude and a good heart. Physical beauty is short lived while a strong presence and personality build that aura that is indispensable. QUESTION 13 How important do you think self-care and a healthy, peaceful lifestyle is for women, especially working mothers? Absolutely it is essential for women to take care of themselves and choose a healthy lifestyle because WOMEN ACTUALLY RUN THE WORLD and are expected to be present for their work and families all the time. So, I do believe that a healthy lifestyle leads to a happy life.

QUESTION 15 How do you feel like to be a part of Beauty Global Network?

It is an honor to be a part of the prestigious Beauty Global Network. I am super excited to be a part of this family, which has already introduced me to some great individuals who are pioneers in their respective fields. I would love to continue my journey with BGN and contribute to various initiatives which are under the network’s umbrella.

QUESTION 14 What is your success mantra?

Hard work, perseverance, dedication and focus. There are several tormenting factors which constantly try to stray your focus away from work, as long as you are able to strike the correct balance, you are bound to succeed.

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