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EPA Compliant and Energy Efficient The EPA requires that all compressed air systems include an oil-water separator. The reason for this mandate is obvious. When condensate is not fully removed from water, it contaminates the water supply and damages the environment. Despite the common-sense wisdom and legal imperative to install these vital machines, less than half of all systems have them. That’s a shame, but it can be easily remedied. We recommend Clean Resources’ line of oil-water separators to solve this pressing problem. Clean Resources has been designing and manufacturing separators since 1997. They’ve helped innovate the condensate management products to create a more environmentally friendly industry. Their separators use an alumina silicate substrate to safely and efficiently remove all kinds of air compressor system lubricants from water. Once separated, the water can be easily and safely disposed of. Lab tested and proven to deliver EPA- compliant results, they are easy to install and require no maintenance. In addition to being required by law — and, you know, the right thing to do — installing a high-quality oil-water separator will save you money by lowering energy costs and increasing the operational efficiency of your system. We also have services to help safely dispose of condensate on site at all of our locations. Much like printer cartridges, you can’t just throw this stuff away. We are proud to offer products like oil-water separators from Clean Resources. They work for our customers and help decrease the environmental footprint of the manufacturing industry. When you can improve your system’s efficiency, lower operating costs, and help the planet — well, we call that a win-win-win. CLEAN RESOURCES’ OIL-WATER SEPARATORS

3 Times the Division of Assets Got Out of Control

According to a survey conducted by Randstad, 60 percent of American employees either quit or strongly considered quitting their jobs last year. That’s a number that should terrify any business owner. However, instead of panicking, consider this record-breaking moment in U.S. employment history an invitation to take a long, hard look at your organization. Are members of your team waiting for the perfect moment to bail? And if so, why? It’s not because the majority of employees are ruthless careerists or disloyal money-grubbers. If we look at Mental Health America’s 2018 Workplace Health Survey, it mostly boils down to the fact that over half of American employees feel unappreciated, unsupported, and disrespected by management. In fact, 21 percent of respondents said that instead of being paid what they deserve, they’re nickel-and-dimed when raise season arrives, and 77 percent believed that instead of being lifted up for their accomplishments, employees were forced to toil away in the corner, feeling invisible. Sadly, scarcely more than 34 percent of respondents believed they could rely on the support of their managers and colleagues. The numbers paint a disheartening picture of the average workplace. If you’ve been a manager for a long time, it can be difficult to imagine how frustrated an undervalued member of your team can feel and how these feelings can spread throughout your organization, leaving all your employees discontented. It’s imperative to listen and respond to your employees’ concerns. It takes more than instituting an open-door policy and relaxing work requirements — two characteristics of healthy workplaces, as rated by respondents. You need to commit resources to eliminating the problem. Start with the highest-level leaders of your business. Work with them on how to interact with the rest of your team in more human, empathetic, and responsive ways. Training and assessments are a good start, but you may also need to revamp the mentality and core values of your company. In a world where finding a new job is easier than ever, managers cannot afford to ignore the needs of their employees. Evolve and acknowledge the emotions in your workplace or risk losing all that you’ve invested in your top performers.

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