June 11, 2020 Directors Report

VII. CONSENT AGENDA Consent Agenda is used for those items which are non-controversial and appear to be unanimous in vote. Any Board member can ask for an item to be moved to Business. A. Minutes Approval 1. Regular Meeting – April 6, 2020 B. Audit Engagement - $11,750 (Budgeted – Operations) C. Approval of Reserve/Capital Spending Plans VIII. UNFINISHED BUSINESS None IX. NEW BUSINESS A. Pavement Management Plan - $5,225 (Unbudgeted – Operations) Engagement of Associated Engineering Consultants to Create a 5-7 Year Plan B. Laundry Equipment - $99,087 (Budgeted - Reserves) Replacement of Machines at Multiple Locations X. DISCUSSION A. Tennis Center & Sports Courts Beautification - Conceptual/Biddable Plans B. Administrative Policies and Procedures Update C. Strategic Plan Survey Results and Release XI. OPEN FORUM Member Input on Non-Agenda Items (limited to 3 minutes per speaker). Responses from the Board are at its discretion. XII. ADJOURNMENT Next Virtual Board Meeting – August 13, 2020 - 9:00 a.m. (PT)

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