Albrecht Law November 2019


November 2019

Count Your Blessings FindingWays to Practice Gratitude Daily

Have you counted your blessing this year? I have a lot to be thankful for. I have my dream job; my family is happy, healthy, and good to one another; and I love the region of the country I call home. When my wife and I drive through our neighborhood, we can’t help but smile at the sight of children playing in the park or the tree lines that surround our city. We love Spokane. I once had a mentor who said,“You will live the life you’re willing to tolerate. Refuse to tolerate what you don’t want in your life, and you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved.” But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to appreciate these blessings. By nature of my work, raising a family, and helping my wife with her business, stress weighs heavy on me. If I don’t find a way to deal with this stress, then it will build up. Personally, prayer, solitude, and journaling are key. I read“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey during my college years. This book taught me how to budget my time and make certain aspects of my life a priority over others. Life is filled with constant struggles, and, if you don’t find a way to manage these with an effective plan, months could pass by without any progress. I knew I needed an effective way to find gratitude and set my sights and actions on a positive path.

Harvest Moon Brings in a Beautiful Fall

Every morning, I openmy journal and write out what I’mphysically, spiritually, and relationally thankful for. Some days are easier than others, but like another mentor of mine once said,“You should do at least one thing each day that you would be thankful for five years fromnow.”Maybe there’s a snowstormoutside, but at least the trees look pretty covered in snow. Youmay live far away from your relatives, but you can cherish the time you get to spend with them. My jobmay be stressful, but how lucky am I to have a job that truly makes a difference? Over the years, through journaling and thinking introspectively, I’ve learned how to be forgiving and grateful. We all make mistakes. Instead of dwelling on the mistakes we made, we have to be willing tomove on. I’ve learned that time spent learning frommistakes is far more valuable than time spent mourning themor playing the blame game. We have to create a life we will be grateful for in five years. It’s important to understand that life is a process. I was talking to a 63-year-old doctor a fewmonths ago for a case I have taken on. (I frequently call the doctors involved inmy cases, and I learn so much from these brilliant, interesting people.) This

doctor was passionate and driven, but at his age, he had just discovered what he was meant to do with his life. Instead of dwelling on the years he lost practicing in the field he felt most compelled to work in, he was thankful for the journey that brought him to his true purpose. There had been missteps, but they all led him to this point. There are people who have very blessed lives, and I’m lucky enough to count myself among them.We all do our part to make sure we end up there, but it’s not completely up to us. There are plenty of people who are going through events we can’t even begin to imagine. I’ve met many people experiencing this through the work I do, but I’m always amazed by the incredible selflessness of these individuals, despite the hard hand life dealt them. Focusing on the negative is no way to find a silver lining. Instead of only practicing gratitude around the Thanksgiving table this season, I challenge you to write down what you’re thankful for each day. If you can do that, youmight notice you too have more andmore to be thankful for each day.

This Month’s Happiest Client!

“Extremely happy with Albrecht Law. Mr. Albrecht is the finest attorney I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. If you want results, choose Albrecht Law.”

-Jo shua L. | 1

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