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When I first met Mark Weldon, he was a broken man. He was in the hospital after suffering a terrible accident. Mark had been on the job when he was crushed between two front-end loaders, losing one of his legs above the knee and really messing up the ankle of his other leg as a result. The doctors told him he would have to spend most of his life in a wheelchair. When someone goes through an accident like this where they lose a limb, it’s mentally challenging. They have to face a reality where they’ve lost part of their body and, in Mark’s case, they will never be able to walk normally again. A number of doctors told Mark he’d probably never be able to return to work, which only made the situation harder on him. Fortunately, after we took on Mark’s case, we got him in to see a psychiatrist with a good reputation who was able to help him a lot. Being a workers’ comp lawyer isn’t just about arguing with the insurance company and handling legal matters. A good workers’ comp lawyer needs to know the medical practitioners in town and make sure their client is being sent to an honest doctor they can trust. There are plenty of defense doctors on an insurance company’s payroll who could give Dr. Evil a run for his money. These doctors see the words “workers’ comp” and instantly decide the patient must be a liar who’s faking their injury for money.

I can’t tell you how many people have come into our office panicked after seeing the doctor their company sent them to. Despite their injuries, the doctor claimed there was nothing wrong with them and that they could go back to work. Yes, there are some people in the world who would rather fake an injury to make a quick buck than do an honest day’s work, but they’re in the minority. Good doctors will call a situation like they see it and do right by their patients, regardless of whether they are in a workers’ comp case. Of course, a lot of companies don’t want injured workers seeing these good doctors, so it’s our job to make sure our clients know their rights and are taken care of. Mark’s case went on for about two years, which is standard for a workers’ comp case in Virginia. Lisa, our paralegal, went above and beyond to help Mark though his case. They bonded over the Philadelphia Eagles, and Lisa talked to Mark all the time, letting him know he wasn’t in this alone. After we got his settlement and Mark was able to take care of himself medically, he bought a house down in Atlanta where he could be closer to his family. All’s well that ends well. Mark came by the office not long ago just to say hello. It was a great surprise. He had come so far and is so different than the man I met in the hospital. During his case, I got to know Mark very well and learned what a

Mark Weldon with Lisa Hancock

great guy he is. He’s honestly someone I’m proud to call a friend, and I was honored when Mark gave us permission to share his story in the newsletter. It was a relief to get Mark the money he needed to start the next phase of his life. Being a workers’ comp attorney means working with people who are going through a terrible season, who have been abandoned by their employer and have no one to turn to. It’s tough, but sometimes there are cases like Mark’s that make it all worthwhile. I’m reminded of the power we have to help people, and I work to uphold that responsibility every day.

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