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RELIEVING PAIN FROMHERNIATED DISCS Back pain can develop for all sorts of reasons. From a car accident to bad posture, to an uncomfortable seat for a prolonged period of time, back pain can come out of nowhere and cause no small amount of discomfort once it arrives. There are some back injuries, however, that are even more painful than your run-of-the-mill back pain. A herniated disc is one of themost painful back injuries that you can experience, and it is far more common than youmay be initially aware.

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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


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What is a Herniated Disc? Yourspine ismadeupofaseriesof interlockingbones withsmallcushions in-betweeneach jointsocket.The structure of your spine is what allows you to move freely from side to side. Every time you crunch your abdomen by bending forward, or lean to one side or anotherforadeepstretch,those littlevertebralbodies move with you, keeping you comfortable and your back strong. Without cushioning in between each of those sockets, the bones would rub against one

in the lower back, it is definitely one of the most severe forms of back pain. If you suspect that you may have experienced a herniated disc it is important that you seek medical attention, such as from your physical therapist. A herniated disc will not heal on its own, and working with a physical therapist is one of the best ways to experience relief from the pain associated with this common concern. How does this happen? The vertebrae in the spine are stacked closely together, with only a small amount of space for the discs in between each bone. A disc can become herniated as a result of injury, car accident, or even simply from overuse. One of the most common causes of a herniated disc is heavy lifting. Weight lifters have to be especially wary not to suddenly lift something too heavy, otherwise risk experiencing a slipped disc. But experienced gym goers are not the only ones at risk. Every time you attempt to move a piece of furniture, a heavy box, or even a big bag of books you need to be wary to lift correctly, otherwise face the risk of potentially herniating a disc in your back. Look inside to learn more about our programs and say good-bye to your aching back.


another with every movement, and this would be incredibly painful.

When a disc becomes herniated, the cushioning in between the vertebrae will rupture, essentially deflating the cushioning in between the vertebrae and causing the bones to begin to rub against one another. This is painful enough as it is, but can become even more painful if the herniated disc actually begins to press on the adjacent spinal nerves, causing the pain to spread even further up the spine. The most common placement for a herniated disc is at the lumbar vertebrae in the lower back. While it is not the only reason that pain can become severe


Treatment for HerniatedDiscs

Pain associated with a herniated disc often develops in the sciatica nerve, and doesn’t subside with simple rest and relaxation. While hot and cold therapy will help alleviate the pain associated with many different back issues, it won’t make the pain of a herniated disc go away. The pain is often frequently associated with numbness, weakness, and tingling in the legs. In many situations, the pain will feel more severe after initial movement, such as standing up or laying down. Many people mistakenly refer to having a herniated disc as having “pinched a nerve,” but that is not the case. Physical therapy is a great resource for attempting to overcome the pain associated with a herniated disc. A combination of passive and active techniques is typically employed, including deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and hydrotherapy, as well as deep stretching and strength building. If you suspect that you may have a herniated disc, contact a physical therapist rite away. Attempting to engage in therapy at home could lead to further injury. It is best to have an experienced therapist assess your injury before attempting any treatment options. Discover how our Spine Program transforms your back pain from a pressing problem, to a distant memory, allowing you to live a happy, active and pain-free life.



Healthy Recipe

Ingredients • 1/4 c. extra-virgin olive oil • 3 tbsp. freshly chopped cilantro • Juice of 3 limes, divided • kosher salt • Freshly ground black pepper

• 1 lb. large shrimp, peeled and deveined • 1/4 head red cabbage, shredded • 1/4 c. mayonnaise • 1 tbsp. sriracha • 4 medium tortillas

Directions In a small bowl, mix together olive oil, cilantro, and 1/3 of the lime juice. Season with salt and pepper. Add shrimp to a baking dish and pour over mixture.Toss until completely coated and let marinate 20 minutes. Meanwhile, make slaw: In a large bowl, toss cabbage with mayo, remaining lime juice and sriracha. Season with salt. Heat grill to high. Skewer shrimp and grill until charred, 3 minutes per side. Grill tortillas until charred, 1 minute per side. Serve shrimp in tortillas with slaw.


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Patient Success Spotlight

“Fantastic! When I first came, I couldn’t move my head to the left without bad pain and almost no movement. With the workouts I can now move my head without pain or restriction. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” – Mary V. “...I can now move my head without pain or restriction. Thank You!”

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Exercise Essentials Try this movement to help relieve back pain.

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PRONE ON ELBOWS Lying face down, slowly raise up and prop yourself up on your elbows. Hold for 8 seconds. Repeat 8 times.


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