TASMConf 2024 CfP

Call for Papers, Posters and Proposals for Breakout Sessions.

International Terrorism and Social Media Conference #TASMConf Swansea University, UK 18-19 June 2024

Call for Papers, Posters and Proposals for Breakout Sessions

“One of the leading conferences for terrorism and social media research”

“A huge variety of expert opinions from all over the world all in one place”

“It brings together a very different range of people who would not typically meet”

“A melting pot of expertise from every area around the world”

Hosted at Swansea University and attended by 200+ delegates from countries around the world, the Terrorism and Social Media (TASM) Conference is one of the leading international multi-stakeholder conferences on extremist and terrorist use of online platforms. To find out more about previous TASM Conferences, click here.

Call for papers

We are pleased to invite submissions for papers to be presented at #TASMConf 2024. Submissions on all aspects of the intersection of extremism and terrorism with the internet will be considered, including ones focusing on methodology, pedagogy and research ethics and welfare. The first day of the conference will focus on extremist and terrorist use of online platforms. The following are illustrative examples of the topics that will be considered: • The latest tactics and strategies that are being used by extremists and terrorists to disseminate propaganda online. • Current trends in the uses of gaming platforms and visual media by extremists and terrorists online. • Digital culture, the fragmentation of ideology, and the evolution of extremism. • The flow of users and content within and between online extremist ecosystems • Using online activity to conduct threat assessments of violence offline. • Polluted information and malign influence operations. • Uses (including potential uses) of new technologies (including AI, deepfakes, Metaverse, crypto) and Web3 (including quantum computing and decentralization). The second day will focus on responses to extremist and terrorist use of online platforms. The following are illustrative examples of the topics that will be considered: • Evaluations of regulatory regimes at both the transnational level (e.g., the EU TCO Regulation and Digital Services Act) and the national level (e.g., the UK’s Online Safety Bill). • Multi-stakeholderism and collaborative initiatives, including geographic and sectoral representation/coverage. • Uses of AI to identify extremist and terrorist content, and its interplay with human moderation. • Combatting the evasion of content moderation and platform regulation, including measures to address borderline content. • Campaigns to promote resilience and digital literacy, and benign influence operations. • Tackling extremist and terrorist content online while maintaining a secure and open internet and respecting human rights, including freedom of speech and user privacy, transparency and accountability. • How the online realm can be used to enhance offline P/CVE efforts.

We are particularly keen to receive proposals that: • Consider the issues above from an empirical basis. • Utilise innovative methodologies, including computational techniques and mixed methods. • Consider forms of extremism besides jihadism and the far right, including male supremacism and mixed, unstable and unclear (MUU) ideologies. • Consider issues related to gender, including LGBTQ+ and other issues beyond simply “women” . • Examine these issues in the Global South and other under-researched regions. • Examine non-English language materials and draw cross-language comparisons. To submit your proposal, please send: (1) the title of your presentation; (2) an abstract of no more than 200 words; and, (3) your CV (no longer than two pages) to TASMConf@swansea.ac.uk no later than Friday 20 th October 2023. Following the conference, selected papers will be published in a journal special issue. To be considered for inclusion, authors should submit the full text of their article to TASMConf@swansea.ac.uk no later than Friday 14 th June 2024. Previous TASM special issues are: • The Practicalities and Complexities of (Regulating) Online Terrorist Content Moderation • Extremism and Terrorism Online – Widening the Research Base • Isla mic State’s Online Activity and Responses, 2014 -2017

Proposals for breakout sessions

Breakout sessions at #TASMConf are 90 minutes in duration. The standard format is three presentations (15 minutes each), followed by Q&A (45 minutes).

We will be pleased to receive proposals for panels or other breakout sessions that employ a different format. Examples include: • Panels with a greater number of shorter presentations, with a central unifying theme • Roundtable and workshop-style sessions, particularly ones led by non-academic stakeholders • Training sessions, particularly ones aimed at early career researchers To submit a proposal for a breakout session, please send: (1) a description of the session (no longer than one page); and, (2) the CVs of those delivering the session to TASMConf@swansea.ac.uk no later than Friday 1 st December 2023.

Call for posters

Do you have other projects that you would like to showcase at #TASMConf? Or are you not able to attend? Then why not create a poster summarising your project, its findings and recommendations, and exhibit it at the conference? To display a poster, please email us at TASMConf@swansea.ac.uk no later than Thursday 28 th March 2024 to express an interest. We will need to receive an ecopy of all posters by Friday 26 th April, and will take care of printing and displaying for you.

The charge to display a poster is £25. ( Students and ECRs (up to two-years postdoc) who register to attend the conference may display one poster free of charge ).

Finally …

If you are a PhD student or Early Career Researcher, you may be interested in the VOX-Pol Summer School that we are hosting the week before #TASMConf (10-14 June 2024). To register your interest, sign up to the VOX-Pol mailing list by emailing info@voxpol.eu

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