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aging others to become more self-aware, especially if the externally self-aware individual holds a recognized leader- ship role, as others will naturally emulate the behavior and manners of those who lead them. With a high sense of Internal Self-Awareness you are likely to make better judgements about what you are ca- pable of, where your limits fall and when to ask for help. All these will likely lead to higher productivity and being perceived as a reliable team player. On the other hand, though, it often happens that people who are too dedicat- ed to the exploration of their own motives, behaviors and past actions will become intimidating and unattractive to others. No one likes a scold and when you are always an- alyzing yourself, it may follow that you are also analyzing others, unconsciously trying to encourage others to follow in your footsteps. I have found that self-involvement at the expense of deeper awareness and sensitivity for others is a recipe for building sour relationships. Relax! Don’t Worry Another pitfall that presents itself to us when we are overly self-analytical is that it is easy to come across as too serious. I have been reminded by wiser people to, “Relax! Don’t worry so much.” If you are in a leadership position, it is very important that those around you are comfortable. While knowing where you stand and where others stand in relation to the pursuit of organizational goals is very im- portant, it’s also helpful to not be perceived as too judg- mental. People who think you are always keeping score – of yourself and others – may tend to see themselves through your eyes as having a negative score. This can be quite demotivating. So, in order to make those around you more comfortable and to get them to like you, you have to be relaxed. That will, in turn, lead to stronger relationships with your employees and higher output. One of the things I have noticed after years of working with people in training sessions is that it seems as though the most highly evolved capacity of the human brain is self-deception. If you were to ask a random group of people if they thought they were generally self-aware, you’d probably get a lot of people answering, “Yes!” However, according to several studies in the field, it turns out most people ar- en’t really all that self-aware. There can be a significant gap between how you see yourself and how others see you, especially when you are working under the pressure to perform tasks that affect others. When looking inward, it’s pretty safe to say that most of us prefer to focus on our own best qualities and trust that others see that better side of ourselves much more clearly than our not-so-attractive sides. In short-term or shallow relationships, it may actually be beneficial to be somewhat self-deceived in this regard as it feels better to believe the voice in our heads that tells us we are wonderful rather than to doubt ourselves. It’s especially easy to be lured into a false sense of ourselves

ARC INTERNATIONAL www.ARCInternational .com

ARC International is a world leader in the manufacturing of roller products for flexography. The latest nano-technology laser engraving in our NC and NV manufacturing facilities ensures superior quality and consistency in anilox rollers.


For a wide variety of new and used equipment on to- day’s market, visit our website at BAUMER HHS CORPORATION hhs is a global leader in advanced gluing, camera verifica- tion and quality assurance systems for the packaging indus- try. Zero-defect quality and elevated production speeds are key parameters in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes; hhs systems ensure efficiency and precision. With hhs Xcam Box Monitoring and non-contact flap gluing of corrugated board, hhs offers every option for quality assurance in the production of corrugated boxes with flexo folder gluers. BLOWER APPLICATION COMPANY (BLOAPCO) BloApCo has served the corrugated industry since 1933 with a variety of scrap handling solutions, including Hori- zontal Floor Shredders, Trim Cutters, and Material Handling Fans and Conveying Systems. BloApCo Shredders allow for continuous shredding and pneumatic removal of sheet waste stacks of all sizes, roll slab, cores, and carton scrap.


Cimex writes affordable yet powerful CAD/CAM software for the packaging and diemaking industries. We also offer numerous samplemakers, etc., to fit all needs and budgets.


Leading manufacturer and installer of quality retrofits, up- grades and replacement parts for S&S and Prime Flexo Folder Gluers. Specialists in reconditioning of S&S Flexo Folder Gluers, including ink, air and electrical systems.


Corrugated Replacements, Inc. is a production powerhouse that manufactures high quality machine parts and replace- ment parts for the corrugated and paperboard converting industries. CRI can redesign, engineer, and manufacture any part while providing a rapid turn-around rate, keeping machines running at their peak performance and limiting down time.



August 30, 2021

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