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May 2019

To the Person Who Has Shown Me the Way

With the celebration of Mother’s Day, I want to dedicate this space to my wife, Kathy, who is an incredible mother to our children. I deeply appreciate everything she has provided for our family. There is no one who exemplifies motherhood better than Kathy. Somehow, our children are young adults — Danielle turned 22 last month, and Greg is soon to be 24. I’m really proud of our kids, who they are, and what they stand for, and I like to think their integrity is partly due to the foundations we’ve instilled in them. I don’t take for granted having children we can boast about, and it’s no accident. Kathy has put a lot of care and thought into making our children’s lives better and setting them up for success from day one. Kathy serves as a positive role model and guiding light for our children. She’s achieved a lot in her life, from seeking education and professional development to running multiple marathons, including nine Bostons. She’s shown Danielle and Greg how to have good character and displayed the importance of family values though her example. She’s taught our children how to build strong, meaningful relationships in their lives. These aren’t qualities we always think of as we go through our day, but they’re the traits Kathy has nurtured over time. Kathy is always tuned in as we try to do the best for our kids in a way that improves their lives.

A quote comes to mind when I think about our parenting journey: “We’re not raising children; we’re raising future adults.” When you become a parent, you create your ideals and philosophy of parenting, and you do your best to educate yourself in the process. It’s easy to focus on having high-achieving, well-behaved children. But one of the dimensions Kathy brings to our parenting is looking beyond the day-to-day gold stars and winning runs to the future. She considers how each lesson we impart and decision we make will be applied to our children’s realities as adults. This ability to look at the big picture is one of the many qualities that make her a great mom. In addition to being a role model for our children, Kathy has helped guide me to be a loving, nurturing parent. She’s shown me how to be the best father to our kids, and I am so grateful for her guidance. In our parenting journey, Kathy has helped me identify beneficial times to use our disciplinary guardrails as well as the moments to let them down. So, Kathy, this is dedicated to you. I’m so proud of our family. I’m honored to be part of what we’ve built together. You are my example of what a loving, caring, and unconditionally loving mother is. The results of your care are evident, especially in the legacy Danielle and Greg carry into the lives they’re building based on values we’ve shown them.

To all of the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day,

-Dr. Nagy


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