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1051 13th St. SE, Hickory, NC 28601 • 828.229.7877 • THE STORY OF FRECKLES How a Rescue Dog Changed My Life

A ugust is sometimes called “the dog days of summer.”What better time to talk about my gentle giant of a dog, Freckles? He sometimes comes with me to the office, where some of you have probably met him. For those of you who haven’t, he’s a 13-year-old, 110-pound Boxer- hound mix, named for the freckle-like spots on his fur. We found him chained up in a trailer park when he was 3 months old, with no sign that his owners would return. I didn’t know he would be a part of the family for 13 years and counting.

my million dollar dog. Big dogs don’t often make it to 10 years old, but, even with his surgeries, Freckles has just kept going. Freckles loves riding in the backseat of my Mini Cooper. He takes up almost the whole thing for himself, and he’s back there so often that it’s almost like his second home. He rode with my husband and me all the way down to Florida, and he was happy as a lark the whole time. Whenever we’re stopped at a stoplight, people would smile at this huge dog in my tiny car.

When getting a dog, a rescue might not be your first choice — but I think Freckles is a testament to just how worthwhile a rescue dog can be.

Over the past 13 years, Freckles has definitely had his fair share of adventures and developed a distinct personality. He may be built like a coffee table, and he can act scary when he wants, but he’s really just a big sweet baby. He likes to think he’s a lapdog, and, even though he’s bigger than I am, he’ll just sit in my lap on the couch until my legs go numb. If I want him to get off the couch, though, I have to help him, because he’s had seven surgeries in his lifetime. His back right leg is titanium, he’s had a few eye surgeries, and he had to get all patched up really early in his life after he was run over by a mail carrier. I sometimes call him

He’s pretty easy going in most situations. The only things he doesn’t like are cats and snakes, and, while he just thinks cats are pesky, he’s scared of snakes. He and Sparky, another dog we had at the time, once cowered behind me while I used a hoe to chop the head off a snake that had gotten in our vacation house. In any non-snake related cases, Freckles is a faithful protector of me and any other dogs around him. If he saw a mean dog picking on another dog, he would break it up. He always makes sure he’s the toughest of the bunch. Even later in life, he’ll still get protective of me when I’m around people he doesn’t know.

Sometimes I think about the people who left Freckles behind. Look at the great dog they missed out on having by keeping him chained up! But, I’m honestly glad they did because it meant he could be a part of my life instead. When getting a dog, a rescue might not be your first choice — but I think Freckles is a testament to just how worthwhile a rescue dog can be.

-Jamie Harrington



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