Board Converting News, July 20, 2020

McLean Packaging Commits To Completely Renewable Energy

Moorestown, New Jersey based McLean Packaging, a turnkey provider of rigid set boxes, folding cartons, corrugated displays and thermoformed packaging solutions with emphasis on the beauty and personal care sec- tors, has contracted with national energy advisory firm 5 and ENGIE Re- sources, LLC on a five-year energy agreement that supports the develop- ment of renewables. The deal supports McLean’s zero carbon transition and sustainability goals which include sourcing 100 percent of its electric- ity from renewable resources.

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McLean Packaging’s manufacturing footprint is robust – the compa- ny has three production facilities across New Jersey and Pennsylvania totaling nearly half a million square-feet – making its commitment to 100 percent green energy substantial. McLean utilizes a lengthy lineup of so- phisticated equipment – including industrial printing presses, folder/glu- ers, thermoformers, rigid box converters, and more – to meet its growing demands for concept-to-completion packaging solutions for customers in the beauty, personal care, confectionary, and other sectors. McLean’s usage will be 100 percent matched by Green-e certified Re- newable Energy Credits (RECs), as determined by the Center for Resource Solutions. The independently-verified credits play a critical role in making green power possible for electricity consumers nationwide, by providing revenue to support new projects. The RECs in this agreement include off- shore wind credits, representing environmental benefits equal to remov- ing more than 6,500 gasoline-powered passenger cars from U.S. roads. “From installing more than 75,000 solar panels to utilizing paper prod- ucts certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative, sustainability has been at the forefront of McLean Packaging’s operations for years,” said Jeff Besnick, Vice President of McLean Packag- ing. “As consumers continue to demand products that espouse eco-friend- liness, we are proud to play our part in providing packaging with as small a carbon footprint as possible – from power sourcing to materials.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 McLean Packaging entered a five-year agreement that supports its car- bon transition and sustainability goals, which include sourcing 100 per- cent of its electricity from renewable sources.



July 20, 2020

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