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The AIRSCREEN µ icro ® is an ambient air cleaner that filters hazardous molecular dust particles AND with Merv 14 through HEPA filter options, will combat and reduce COVID-19 and other biological airborne contaminants from spreading. Available in portable 500 cfm unit as well as 2000 and 4000 cfm models.

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ing the inventory, we now have the ability to produce their cards on demand with consistency, which will help level out our production and reduce the risk of overproduction.” The 750S is the third generation of the J Press series, another reason for ASB’s purchase according to Brisen- dine. “This isn’t new to Fujifilm. This is something Fujifilm had success with and continues to refine. Not to mention they’ve got the number one print head in the industry.” ASB Graphics is passionate about staying on top of the market trends and its customer needs as well as the ability to open up new areas and new markets. When reflecting on the age of digital production inkjet, Brisendine said, “We’re in it now. It’s here.” Visit for more. Baysek Expands Global Footprint With Sale Of Die Cutter In Denmark Nelsonville, Wisconsin based Baysek Machines has con- firmed that a large independent corrugated packaging manufacturer in Denmark has purchased a Baysek EL-150 automatic die cutter. The die cutter has a maximum sheet size of 1220mm x 1320mm, but can extended to 2130mm x 1320mm for companies producing larger work. Robert Jess, UK & Europe Sales Manager, said, “It’s an exciting time for Baysek, as more companies are realiz- ing the benefits of our machinery, their versatility and the

after-sales support we offer. We have 170 machine instal- lations globally, including dozens across Europe and the UK and now expanding our footprint into Denmark. The machine will be installed later this year and will be more easily accessible to Northern European customers want- ing see our machinery in production.”

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and while consumers “wishcycle” their plastic packaging in the hopes that it will be kept away from the side of the road and out of the ocean, legislatures and others can to- day look to corrugated boxes for inspiration. Corrugated boxes have been a packaging solution for more than 125 years. With an industry focus on recycling that began in early 1970s, the industry knows that it takes time, infrastructure, manufacturing and transportation sys- tems, and markets for recovered materials to become cir- cular by nature. From its humble beginnings, the brown corrugated box has become stronger, structural designers have created infinite shapes and printing technologies have allowed the sides of box to become a billboard for vibrant graphics and important messages. Yet the focus has never drifted far from building an industry framework that ensures its products are both restorative and regen- erative by design. Dennis Colley is President and CEO of the Fibre Box Association (FBA).


July 20, 2020

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