Message from Our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Ever since my first “job” selling Girl Scout cookies, I believed that business could be a force for good. Today, I know it is . Business is a vital part of the success of most nations. From Chile to China. The United States to Ukraine. Well-run businesses contribute to society in so many ways: Providing jobs, creating robust supply chains, revitalizing communities, innovating solutions for some of the world’s toughest challenges, contributing to public coffers and delivering shareholder returns that enable further investment. But companies that can successfully and simultaneously balance the short- and long-term interests of the multiple constituents they serve can do the most good. They can, indeed, change the world for the better. That’s one of the reasons I’m so proud to be leading Kraft Foods, where we say that “delicious is our difference.” Yes, our products taste delicious. But to us, it’s more than that. Delicious is also our corporate purpose…the mindset and spirit we apply to everything we do and how we do it. It’s also why we titled this report, “Creating a more delicious world.”

As a global food company, we can help raise people up—out of hunger, out of poverty, toward healthier lifestyles—through what we make and how we make it. Millions of times a day… in ways big and small …quite literally around the world, we’re doing just that. And we do it at multiple points in our supply chain…from our agriculture sourcing initiatives that have made us a leading purchaser of sustainable cocoa, coffee and cashews to our finished products, like Biskuat and Tiger fortified biscuits that help Indonesian moms ensure their kids get the right vitamins and minerals to grow to their full potential. “Creating a more delicious world” is a lofty goal to be sure. But we make it achievable by taking a pragmatic approach. First, we focus our efforts where we can make the greatest difference. Our global priorities are food safety, health and well-being, and sustainability. Next, we agree on the goals, strategies and actions to achieve each priority. Our goals, whether financial or philanthropic, are designed to be ambitious, but achievable. Our strategies are long term, spanning decades in some cases. But the targets we set to evaluate our progress are measured in increments of five years or less. That way, the same people who set the targets can also be

Irene B. Rosenfeld Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Message from Our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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