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SAFE DRIVING TIPS FOR SUMMER STAY COOL AND SAFE ON THE ROADS The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that July and August have a higher frequency of car crashes than any other month. There’s no single reason for the spike. Roads tend to be more congested in the summer — in Atlanta they’re even more congested than normal — but that doesn’t explain all of it. A high number of teen drivers and out-of-towners also contribute. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to exercise extra caution during the summer, whether you’re heading out on a road trip or simply running an errand in town. Follow these tips to minimize the risk of a summertime accident.

Even if someone doesn’t consider themselves a movie buff, they’ve likely heard about Disney’s decision to harness — and capitalize on — the power of viewer nostalgia with live-action remakes of its beloved classics. Back in 1996, Disney tested this formula for the first time, releasing “101 Dalmatians” with Glenn Close starring as the brilliantly deranged Cruella stalking puppies for their fur. After breaking box office records on the first weekend, Disney decided to create a slow trickle of other live-action remakes using the same blueprint: “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010, “Cinderella” in 2015, “The Jungle Book” in 2016, and “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017, among several others. By promising viewers the storyline they loved as a child, a star-studded cast, some vaguely cheeky references, 3D visuals, and added action, Disney has created a recipe for box office success. Here are three live- action remakes that have been or will be released in 2019. ‘DUMBO,’ MARCH 2019 Unlike the animated classic released in 1941, this live-action version introduces a former circus star, played by Colin Farrell, and his two children as caretakers of the big-eared, flying mammal. Directed by Tim Burton, “Dumbo” doesn’t use real elephants on screen. Disney instead uses a mixture of CGI and live-action. Other major stars in the film include Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, and Eva Green. ‘ALADDIN,’ MAY 2019 The original “Aladdin” hit theaters in 1992, ultimately pulling in Oscars for best score and best song. Now, 27 years later, Disney has decided to retain many of the original’s musical and narrative elements. While fans of the first film will surely miss hearing the voice of the late Robin Williams, the genie will still play a central role in the film’s story and will be brought to life by Will Smith. Actors Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will play Aladdin and Jasmine, respectively. ‘THE LION KING,’ JULY 2019 The original film became one of the biggest animated features at the time of its release in 1994, and all of the beloved characters will return in a live-action/CGI version. While James Earl Jones will return as the voice for Mufasa, the remake will also feature Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, John Oliver as Zazu, and Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, as well as a long list of other talented men and women. THE POWER OF NOSTALGIA D I SNEY ’ S L I VE-ACT I ON REMAKES I N 201 9


The start of summer is a great time to get your car checked out by a mechanic. Pay special attention

to tire pressure, fluid levels, and, of course, air conditioning. You don’t want to be 30 minutes into a six-hour journey and realize you’ll be sweating the whole

time. While you’re at it, make sure your oil is clean, your wiper blades work, and your brake pads are in good shape.

KEEP YOUR CAR COOL There’s nothing pleasant about hopping into a car

the temperature of an oven. Use a sun shade, let the car cool off before driving, and keep plenty of water on hand. Never, ever leave children or pets unattended in a car. An average of 37 American children die every year in a hot car. That’s 37 too many!

DON’T ASSUME When drivers are new to being behind the wheel or unfamiliar with an area, they can drive erratically. If you’ve ever watched somebody with out-of-state plates swerve over four lanes to avoid missing an exit, you know what we’re talking about. Always leave adequate space between yourself and other vehicles and drive defensively and alertly. That killer beach selfie can wait until you’re home before making its Instagram debut.

Hopefully these three remakes will dredge up some of the same wonder and joy the original stories evoked.

Sadly, not all accidents are avoidable. If you or someone you know is injured in a car accident this summer, call us today at 404.465.1252 for a free case review.




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