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June 2020

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A Day in the Life

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Providing a Valuable Lesson

future of your practice, your patients, and health care. You’re likely confused by daily changes in procedure. You’re frustrated and angry, and you might feel like you are waiting for the next shoe to drop and wondering if you’re missing something everyone else has figured out. As you live day to day and prepare for your life to return to normal, your kids to return to school, and waiting rooms to fill up again, I encourage you to remember how you have felt each day of this pandemic.

This is a strange and difficult time for many of us in the medical community. While many providers are battling COVID-19 or managing care with less staff, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is announcing new guidelines each day. The rules for properly caring for a patient change constantly, and physicians, nurses, and aides are left scrambling to find new ways to cope. Some providers need more ventilators, while others are searching for masks. Some just need enough beds for patients. Then there are providers waiting out the onslaught with empty waiting rooms, preparing for what could come, even if the pandemic hasn’t touched their cities as it has in Washington and New York. Regardless, the patient flow has dropped due to the stay-at-home order, making once normal tests like blood pressure, yearly checkups, and physicals unnecessary. To put it simply, if you are a member of the medical community, you’re stressed. You’re living on the edge, exhausted, and mentally drained. (No wonder "Tiger King" is so popular on Netflix.) You’re worried about the

onslaught can provide a relief they didn’t even know was possible.

As medical providers, we have been given an opportunity to experience the emotional toll disability can take on our patients. It’s exhausting and isolating, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Like this pandemic we are all living in, there is a solution. For the COVID-19 pandemic, it's staying home and avoiding contact. For hearing loss, it’s treating patients with compassion and finding the treatment option that best fills that void and relieves the exhaustion they may have grown so accustomed to.

Ironically, it’s exactly how it feels to be hearing impaired every single day.

Living with hearing loss means constantly battling with the outside world just to understand it. It means worrying about your ability to answer the cashier’s questions or respond appropriately to your waitress. It’s living in fear that you are missing something that everyone else understood. Patients place extra stress on their bodies just to accommodate what their auditory systems cannot pick up. For many people with hearing loss, each day is exhausting. It’s not uncommon for people with hearing loss to comment on how tired they are by midafternoon. They spend their entire day trying to fill in the gaps or muffle the background noise and make sense of what they are being told. Seeking help for this daily

Don’t let this time go to waste, and thank you for your continued dedication to care during this time.

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