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issue no 51 | october 2012

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vision. Gurus have a clear vision and they communicate their vision to their employees. They foster an environment within their organizations which encourages risk taking, recognition, rewards, and empowerment allowing other leaders to emerge. To become a guru for a corporation, large or small, is no easy task. It may get lonely at the top. Gurus are pulled in many dierent directions, yet must keep a clear vision of where they are headed. Manager and guru are two completely dierent roles. Managers need to ‘do the things right’ whereas gurus are for ‘doing the right things’. There is need for gurus to perform six corporate functions: � Identify their rm’s key decisions � Figure out where in the organization those decisions should be acted upon ! � Organize the macro-structure based on sources of value � Determine how much authority decision makers need � Align the rest of the organizational system with decisions made � Help managers acquire the skills they need to make better decisions There is a clear role for corporate executives today – Guru; to craft and further sustain a culture to succeed. CORPORATE GURU - THE THINKER AMONG WARRIORS Talk about corporate guru and my thoughts involuntarily rush back to one of the most acclaimed gurus in Indian history - Chanakya. He recognized the potential of a young lad and transformed him into the rst Mauryan emperor, helping him establish a kingdom that spread over 5,000,000 square kilometers and lasted for more than a century. But the most interesting fact about Chanakya’s role is - he chose to remain a guru forever, mentoring Chandragupta to be the leader. A corporate guru may not necessarily be the most important person in the organization, but may be someone who consistently helps others in recognizing the leader within. This person may be someone who does not lead the organization but plays an important role in how an organization is led. He/she may simply be a team leader of a small group, in an organization of millions of employees. In corporate world, where everyone idolizes the peak of the pyramid, a true guru works at the broad base also. A guru understands people, motivates them and inspires them continuously to overcome their limitations. A guru knows that the real task is not just to direct people to a goal but to align them with the goal. He/she knows that a human mind works dierently from a computer and hence could not be overfed with commands. A person may not be successful according to the social norms but may still be a very eective guru, through his knowledge and ability to guide.




Tanu Pareek - Senior Consultant at Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd., has completed her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has managed public relations and internal communication for various organizations. She aspires to be amotivational force for those around her. Tanu believes nothing is impossible, either you do it,or you don’t.


Though very aable, the guru also knows the importance of application of austerity when required. The most astute arrow in a guru’s quiver is the wisdom and respect earned through numerous experiences in life; and his/her abode - the hearts of people.


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“The responsibility of a corporate guru is to raise the organizational capabilities at all levels consistently at all times.” BEAN STATEMENT

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