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Vintage snowmobiles draw big crowd


Hawkesbury around 11 a.m. The halfway point is at Ken and Jan Unsworth property where they stop for hot chocolate and a chat before returning to the fairgrounds. Last year’s run saw approximately 65 people with their vintage snowmobiles. This year, Allen said he thought there were 100 people in attendance. “We give prizes for best looking, oldest, and farthest away,” explained Allen. “So far the farthest has been from Ormstown.” Brian Legroulx fromGlenNormand said this was his second time at the event. “I havemy Roloflex, 1974 GT 400 this year,” he explained. “I like to ride the classic sleds and I can talk to people about what they used to own. It’s a good day.”

Scott Allen has been organizing the Vintage Snowmobile Ride for the past six years, much to the delight of snowmobile enthusiasts. This year’s run held March 6 saw a big crowd, for breakfast and for the run. “There were a whole bunch of old machines around,” said Allen. “I had two or three. We didn’t have anywhere to ride really. So I started organizing the vintage run. We go very slow, take our time, and enjoy the day.” The groupmeets up early in themorning to have breakfast at the Vankleek Hill fairgrounds, then they go on their run into

Michel Lanoville and Patrick Seguin stand beside their vintage snowmobiles in VankleekHill, March 6. —photo Diane Hunter

CAPRAC moving forward

The Prescott Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) met in Vankleek Hill March 3 to discuss where they are going, what services should be offered, and whether or not to have membership fees. A similar meeting was held February 18 in Bourget, and another was supposed to be held in Embrun, but was cancelled due to inclement weather. Coordinator for CAPRAC Shannon Steals was on hand to answer questions and keep things running smoothly. Champlainmayor Gary Barton andNationmayor Francois St-Amour were in attendance. Paula Assaly from Le Chenail had a few suggestions that were well received. All of the suggestions will be presented at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for April. —photo Diane Hunter

Brian Legroulx fromGlen Normand is at the Vintage Snowmobile Ride Sunday, March 6, with his 1974 Roloflex GT 440. “I love to ride the classic sleds,” he said. “It’s a chance to talk to people about what they used to own.” —photo Diane Hunter

Run . Jump . Play . Every Day .

Let’s get our kids moving! Lots of good things happen when our kids move more. Being active doesn’t have to mean planned, structured exercise. All you have to do is encourage that natural urge to ‘Run. Jump. Play. Every day.’

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