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with Ken Poure voice of human conscience can be trusted completely on this important issue. The revealed Word of the living God is our only guide. Read Psalm 119:105 and Proverbs 3:5,6. I hear someone say, “ But the Bible does not speak about these specific social problems.” That is true, but the Scripture does give us a very clear picture as to the purpose of our lives and tells us what we are to be doing while we are here. From many scrip­ tural passages given on this subject, I have selected three portions for our outline. (1) The ultimate purpose of a Christian life is given in I Corinthi­ ans 6:19 and 20, which commands us to glorify God in our body and in our spirit, bringing honour to His name. (2) Our daily task as Christians is found in Acts 1:8, to be witnesses unto Him by life and by lip. (3) Acts 20: 32 commends us to the Word itself, which is able to build us up and equip us for service. Should the question “ Is it right to dance?” arise in the course of a group discussion, immediately asks the in­ quirer. The answer is, “ On which level are you living?” This puts the “ hot potato” right where it belongs. If the young person answers, “ The social,” then of course dancing is ac­ ceptable. But if the reply is, “The Christian level,” you would ask that person to answer the following ques­ tions honestly: “ Can you glorify God and bring honor to His name on the dance floor?” The young person might say, “ I don’t know,” or even “Yes.” Never let the answer surprise you — just go on to the next question. “ Do you feel free to testify for Christ there? does this activity build up your spiritual life?” If the answers are not “ yes” to each question, then for that person the activity is wrong. Let us test football playing for the Christian. Is it right or wrong? Think very carefully. Can a Christian play football to the glory of God?' can he be a testimony on the gridiron for Christ? Yes, we know that he can. But could he play in such a way that he would not bring honor to the name of the Lord? Would he be a stumbling block to others? Yes! Football could be a means of exercising the virtues of a Christian life, or it could be the means of drawing one away from the things of God. Life is filled with choices. Let us give our youth tools to help them make intelligent choices which will lead them into God-glorifying, soul­ reaping, and Spirit-filled lives.


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Ken Poure' W h a t ’ s wrong with dancing?” was a question brought up in our teen-age clinic a few weeks ago. This question, along with other stock problems, has plagued Christian lead­ ers and youth for 3 .ears. In dealing with the social life of the Christian today in our entertainment-mad coun­ try, one finds it difficult to give a dog­ matic right or wrong answer to every situation. Many leaders refuse to dis­ cuss these “ hot potato” questions and feel the young people will make it through somehow on their own, but unfortunately thousands of young people have gone astray and their Christian lives have been wasted be­ cause this subject was not mentioned at church or at home. First, let us establish the fact that many things are right and are always right; others are wrong and are al­ ways wrong. (To love God is right; to hate God is wrong.) Secondly, there are many things that are not always right and others that are not always wrong. These are related to different circumstances. After your youth group has considered these facts carefully, you are ready to present the outline. Use a blackboard, if available, and draw four lines, letting them repre­ sent the four general levels of living. The first line is called the “natural level.” Here the right and wrong question is related to natural instincts. The next level is the “ social.” Here the right or wrong question is related to the group or what the majority does. The advertising world makes its appeal to this level when it says, “ Everybody is doing it! Why don’t you?” Beer drinking twenty-five years ago was believed wrong on the social level, but today it seems to be the thing to do (shame on us Christians). The third line up is called the “moral level.” The right or wrong question in this instance is related to the human conscience. The next and final level is the “ Christian level.” It is the highest form of life on earth. Here the right or wrong question is related to the Word of God. For the Christian, it is not a question of what his instincts or emotions say is right or wrong, nor what the society in which he lives is screaming for him to do. Not even the

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