Improv Asylum Corporate Training

"We brought in Improv Asylum as a part of our Annual Sales Meeting to bring

to life. We were looking for a way to increase communication and collaboration across teams, eliminate silos and give people tools and techniques to listen and build off of each other’s ideas. We wanted to do something different that got everyone involved and engaged in a fun yet educational way. We met with the Improv team to make sure they understood our needs and our business. They listened and ensured they would be aligned with what we wanted to accomplish. Improv was an ideal solution and the content was spot on. Although people were a bit intimidated and somewhat skeptical at first because they did not know what to expect, their fears were quickly diminished as soon as we got into small groups, engaged with the outstanding facilitators and got to work. People are still talking about it and have mentioned using “yes, and” as they engage in discussions with different points of view. It was a perfect way to end the day and the meeting with high energy, camaraderie and learning!” “A Culture of Meaningful Participation”

LISA CIAMPOLILLO Head of Talent, Welch’s Foods

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