Improv Asylum Corporate Training

Our approach and method will focus on and demonstrate how to build off of others' ideas on the spot. We will examine the power of saying “Yes” versus the power of saying “No”, and we will ultimately introduce the concept of "Yes, and…" - that is, to listen and truly understand someone else and then build off of their idea. We will explore listening skills and “reading” a group

(whether it’s an individual or a full team) and we will demonstrate how to communicate more effectively. We will show how all of this relates to teamwork, communication skills and innovation –with the goal of providing concrete skills to reach better solutions and to achieve more effective results.


Train Your Mind To Think On Its Feet

An improv group is an ensemble, and they have to work collaboratively in a pressurized environment to move a story forward to its logical (or outrageous) conclusion. That means listening carefully to the offering put forward by one member of the group and bui lding on its essence to keep the thread al ive.

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