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When I first started law school, I was a little older than my peers. I was 26 and had some real-world experience under my belt. After college, I worked as a pharmaceutical rep, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I had my mind on something else. A long time ago, I told my mom I was going to be a lawyer. I had grown up watching courtroom dramas like “Jagged Edge,” and I was fascinated. I lived up to my word and went back to school to get my law degree.

made a world of sense. I grew up in West Texas, so El Paso was more my style. It’s a great city with incredible diversity, fantastic food, and beautiful mountains. Before I started my own law firm, I worked with another attorney in El Paso. He told me about his experience working with people in El Paso and how he was able to help them. He also told me he was looking for a young lawyer at his practice. Long story short, I found what I was looking for in El Paso. It was a change of pace, for sure. I shifted from corporate law to personal injury, which took me from a formal, buttoned-up environment to a very personal environment. More than that, I was in a place where I could really help people — people who are dealing with everyday issues and often just need a helping hand to move forward. In 2012, when I opened my own firm, I took on a lot of challenges. I was going out on my own, starting my own business and wanting nothing more than to help people. Since then, those challenges turned into success. I have been able to help folks find the results they need to continue on with their lives, including kids who now have college funds thanks to settlements. However, some of the biggest successes are the relationships I’ve formed. I have met so many amazing people since moving to El Paso in 2004. As our firm grows, I look forward to meeting even more people and hearing their stories. —Clark Harmonson

I loved it! Being a slightly older student with more experience gave me a

different perspective on classes. I really dug into it and treated school like a job. Thanks to that mindset, I did great and graduated second in my class. From there, I worked with a major firm in Houston. The firm focused on corporate and securities law. Although the people at the firm were great, I soon realized that big firm life was not for me. It was still a valuable experience, for sure. It created the foundation for what came next — that is, my move to El Paso, a city I absolutely love. In fact, I love it so much that I wrote something of a love letter to the city, part of which you can read on Page 2.

When people at the Houston law firm heard I was leaving to move to El Paso, they thought I was crazy! But for me, it

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