Board Converting News, May 4, 2020

EPA Drafts New Interpretation Of Preconstruction Permitting Regs FBA is making the industry aware of a draft for public com- ment on an interpretation by the U.S. Environmental Pro- tection Agency of Preconstruction Permitting Regulations. On March 25, 2020, the U.S. EPA issued a Draft for Public Review and Comment as a Memorandum to Re- gional Air Division Directors. An owner or an operator of a major stationary source must obtain an NSR permit before beginning actual construction on the facility. Current EPA policy considers almost every physical on-site construc- tion activity of a permanent nature, the beginning of actual construction. That effectively limits preparatory activities before receiving an NSR permit, including those whose purpose is to position the project for timely completion, like putting in foundations or utility infrastructure. Under the revised interpretation a source owner/op- erator may undertake physical on-site activities, prior to obtaining an NSR permit – including activities that may be costly, that may significantly alter the site, and/or are per- manent in nature – provided those activities do not con- stitute physical construction on an emissions unit. This is critical in states with shorter construction seasons which also have manufacturing jobs, as noted in comments re- sponding to the April 2017 Federal Register notice, Evalu- ation of Existing EPA Regulations. Visit .


entry violates or infringes upon the intellectual proper- ty rights (including any patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secrets), of any other person or entity. Photos to give the judges a better understanding of the package’s function or shelf presence are encour- aged, as are those that show the previous design if the entry is a redesign. Judges and PPC reserve the right to reclassify entries as necessary. The identity of participating converters is intended to remain anonymous to the judges, so we request that you cover your logo, including dielines, wherever possible and omit your company name in the write-up. However, we do encourage you to specify the brand of paperboard used, even if it was produced by your own company. Note that self-promotional pieces can include your logo and any other identifiers. Please fill out a separate entry form for each package you wish to submit. Each entry must be sent digitally as a word document and emailed to Payment may be made payable to “Paperboard Pack- aging Council,” and mailed to 1350 Main Street, Suite 1508, Springfield, MA 01103. For payment via credit card please call (413) 686-9191. After submitting your entry form(s), mail your cartons to PPC headquarters at the ad- dress above. Visit for more.


May 4, 2020

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