Best Holistic Life Fall Issue 2020

Meet Chella Diaz

Chella is passionate about empowering women to master their money skills. She helps women identify and release their money baggage, so that they are able to set and achieve their financial goals. Chella knew from a very young age she was different from other kids. She was able to see and feel things they could not, but I didn’t want to stand out. Chella has been called to learn many healing modalities, she has over 15 certifications Reiki Teacher, Reiki Master, NLP, Starlight energy and mostly recently the illuminating, caring gentle and powerful, 9th Dimension Healing Energy, which fused together all my certification in a Tiffany box with a delightful ribbon.

How Healthy is Your Relationship with Finaces


"Each Day Find Something to celebrate."

Chella has worked with many coaches and mentors and created a program that meets each client where they are and provides them with the tools they need to unpack their emotional baggage around money.

She was married for many years and has two amazing sons. Chella has been hosting workshops to empower people to master their money skills. Her simple approach to creating a spending plan that will serve you today and for many years to come will allow you to reach your financial goals with joy and grace.

-Chella Diaz

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