Best Holistic Life Fall Issue 2020

Gray Area Drinking

By Kari Schwear

About 50% of people that consume alcohol are in the gray area. A gray area drinker is someone that is drinking more regularly than a social drinker, but not an alcoholic.

You might be a gray area drinker if:

This is just the tip of the iceberg on my gray area drinking story. I asked myself frequently, “could I be an alcoholic?” and “how much is too much?” Without knowing what I was, I attended Alcoholics Anonymous. As I sat in the meetings and heard the others share their battle wounds with the group, something was off for me. I didn’t belong there. Sure, I could relate to their struggles, but I didn’t see myself as an alcoholic or someone that was severely abusing alcohol. I was drinking because my day job was stressful and viewed wine as a nightly reward.

You ever jumped in the pool with just your bra and underwear on because you were too drunk to put on your bathing suit...and then took the wet garments off in front of all your friends. Said a cuss word in front of 700 people with their head bowed in prayer at your spouse’s company’s event. And oh, by the way, sitting at a table with the entire HR department. Planned to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett at Radio City Music Hall for six months only to drink all day and pass out on your spouse’s shoulder and miss the whole dang concert!

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