Best Holistic Life Fall Issue 2020

DON'T STRESS, OUTSOURCE! B Y MALEK FATTAH Stress is one of the most common causes of many mental and physical issues. This is especially apparent in people who pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Since they mostly rely on themselves for doing everything in pursuit of those goals. Here is the thing, when you are stressed, you are not performing at 100% productivity. If you are a business owner, that means your business is also not performing at 100%. In the business world, that's called "inefficient operations". In the long run, this may lead to the demise of your business. In addition to the issues that will happen in your business, there is also the mental and physical fatigue that will eventually burn you out, even if you can keep up with it for a time. No matter how resilient you are. It all relates to the stress you impose on yourself when trying to wear a dozen hats every day to run your business.

"Once you have completed this exercise, you should be able to see the difference in your day if you only do that 30% of what you used to do!"

A simple solution? Outsource!

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