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Johnston Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is turning 15 years old this year. It has been quite a journey and a thrilling ride. Keep your eyes open for how we are hoping to continue to grow in the future! I am also turning a milestone this year – entering into a new round number age. While most of you will think it is 30 or 40- I’mactually turning 50.The glasses I have to wear to be able to read the screen prove it. With all these milestones, I have taken some time to reflect on some of our successes, failures, great joys and sadnesses. There are many thoughts I have about • Avoid Sciatica & Back Pain While Spring Cleaning • Relieve Back Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight • Healthy Recipe • What Are The Symptoms Of Sciatica?

growing older and one of my favorites is “growing old is not for sissies”. The line was given to me by one of my favorite therapists who retired last year (thanks Pam for the line- not for retiring). It has keptme in pursuit of high physical fitness levels so I can physically function at as high of level as possible. It has made me stronger, more flexible and most importantly taken away some of the aches and pains I was complaining about at 40. It personalized that this physical therapy stuff we have been preaching for so many years- WORKS. While my wife and kids are my greatest pride and joy, what we as a team have built over the years here at Johnston Physical Therapy is certainly one of my favorite accomplishments. It leads me to my simple advice for all of you younger than me

out there (which ismost of you). The last 20+ years as a physical therapist have taught me to pursue your passion. I love what I do. I am indescribably thankful to each of the therapists and team members here over the years for joining me on that path. I am equally grateful to all the clients who’ve walked through our door placing their trust in us with their health and assisting them get back to where they want to be whether it’s getting out of a wheelchair or back to collegiate sports. I am hopeful that I get to keep doing it for many years to come. I hope to keep elevating our practice so we can assist you be it getting stronger, more flexible, pain controlled and increase your level of function for many years. Thanks to all of you for coming through our doors- allowingme to pursue my passion.


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