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Two Great Dads

M y father goes by Tex, which you might assume is a nickname. But that’s what’s on his birth certificate. When asked about it, he’s fond of saying, “Tex is short for Tex,” which sums up his sense of humor perfectly. My father is a kind, caring man whom I admire greatly. He’s also very gracious about taking a joke. Texaco, as I like to call him, is a proud Army veteran who served his country as a young man. We’re all grateful for his service, but that doesn’t mean we don’t poke a little fun at him when he wears his vet’s hat out in public. You know the kind I’m talking about, the blue ball caps with all the badges and huge lettering. “Oh, Dad’s in the mood for some attention today,” we’ll say when he dons the famous hat. All kidding aside, he should be proud of his service, and if he wants to flaunt it from time to time, more power to him. Another characteristic about Dad is that he is “capital F” frugal. I mean, the man has never met a deal he didn’t like. He has tons of coupons and compares prices on everything — the whole 9 yards. A lot of people I know give me a hard time about how mindful I am about the cost of items and services, but I’m A FATHER AND A HUSBAND WHO ARE THE TYPE OF MEN YOU CAN DEPEND ON.”


an amateur bargain hunter compared to him. I guess there’s no mystery about where I got it from. While I’m celebrating the dads in my life, I have to take a moment to thank my husband, Phillip, for being an incredible father. Phillip is a stand-up man in every aspect of his life, so I never doubted that he’d be a generous, doting dad, but knowing isn’t quite the same as seeing. As our kids have grown up, I’ve been overwhelmed by his ability to always put the kids first and make time for them. That’s especially important given how busy the both of us are. I am not the stay-at-home, housework- and child-rearing-only type of mom. My career is extremely important to me. As such, it’s a team effort to make sure the kids get all the attention and love they deserve. If I’m working on a big case or swamped at the office, he always steps up at home. And we never, ever miss our family date night together. To be able to share these responsibilities with someone I love makes me stronger as both a mother and an attorney. Let me tell you, I don’t take it for granted. I’m very lucky to have both a father and a husband who are the type of men you can depend on. It’s a blessing that isn’t afforded to everyone. In the month of Father’s Day, I’ll

certainly be taking a moment to thank them for everything they’ve done to make our lives what they are today. If you have similar figures in your life, I encourage you to do the same.

–Lashonda Council-Rogers, Esq.

P.S. Dad, if you want to wear your vet’s hat out to Father’s Day brunch, I promise I’ll let you soak up the attention!


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